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The objective of SIF is to foster research and education in sustainable development focusing on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this purpose, SIF will be inclusive and open to external ideas in order to account for the interdisciplinary nature of the SDGs.

At SIF, we support and engage in research activities that promote sustainable development across a variety of industry sectors. As a Reykjavik University research institution, we engage with both the School of Technology and the School of Social Sciences. 


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27.5.2022 : SIF Lecture Series - Magnus de Witt

REYKJAVIK, May 23 - The Sustainability Institute & Forum (SIF) hosted it's second lunchtime lecture series, featuring doctoral candidate Magnus de Witt. Magnus de Witt is a doctoral student at the Department of Engineering at Reykjavík University. His research interest focuses on energy-related issues in the Arctic, with a central focus on the energy transition in remote Arctic communities. His research includes energy security, energy policy, technologies, and community engagement. Magnus has traveled across the Arctic to conduct field studies and see the energy situation firsthand. Prior to his doctoral studies, Magnus earned an MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the Iceland School of Energy and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.


27.5.2022 : SIF Scholar Xavier Shioya Musonye Successfully Defends his PhD Thesis

REYKJAVIK, May 17 - At 13:00, Xavier Shioya Musonye successfully defended his culminating doctoral research in M103. Xavier performed optimization-based modeling of Kenya's energy system in order to uncover pathways towards secure, affordable, and sustainable energy services. His thesis committee was composed of Dr. Hlynur Stefánsson, Dr. Eyjólfur I. Ásgeirsson, and Dr. Ragnar Kristjánsson of Reykjavík University, as well as Dr. Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, at the University of Iceland. Dr. Kenneth Karlsson, Senior Project Manager at IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, served as Xavier's examiner.


11.4.2022 : 2022 SIF Grant Calls Now Open

The 2022 Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF) grant calls are now open for applications. In line with the outcome of our most recent strategy meeting, SIF will be offering grants for research projects and to support PhD students. The 2022 SIF Project Grant is aimed at supporting 3-6 projects of up to one year duration with expenses pertaining to RU students, materials, and grant-related costs. Travel costs are not permitted at this time. The 2022 SIF PhD Support Fund is aimed at providing bridge funding for up to two PhD student’s salary for one year (6m ISK), with consideration to their funding prospects from Reykjavik University and RANNIS. Applicants who apply for this grant are expected to also apply for the RANNIS Doctoral Student Grant.


7.4.2022 : The sustainability collaboration between Cornell University and RU

On Friday, April 8th at 09:00 in M105, Reykjavik University will be hosting a symposium on research in sustainability at Reykjavík University and Cornell University. A delegation from Cornell University will be present to discuss their research in sustainability and Reykjavik University will present their research in the field of sustainability. This symposium will serve as a platform to expand upon the existing collaboration between Cornell University and Reykjavik University and will look to promote the knowledge, data and skills exchange necessary to facilitiate the energy transition in the United States of America and Iceland.


26.2.2022 : New Joint Training School by LBHI, SIF at RU, and the JKU Linz Energy Institute

REYKJAVIK February 25 - The Sustainability Institute & Forum (SIF) at Reykjavik University (RU) is excited to announce the launch of a new joint training school on circular economy and resilience in Iceland. The initiative is a joint collaboration with the Agricultural University of Iceland, the SIF at RU, and the Energy Institute at Johannes Kepler University Linz, and is led by SIF Founder and Head of Energy Technology at JKU Linz, Dr. David Christian Finger. The training school will run from May 09 to May 13, 2022.

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