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The objective of SIF is to foster research and education in sustainable development focusing on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this purpose, SIF will be inclusive and open to external ideas in order to account for the interdisciplinary nature of the SDGs.

At SIF, we support and engage in research activities that promote sustainable development across a variety of industry sectors. As a Reykjavik University research institution, we engage with both the School of Technology and the School of Social Sciences. 


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1.5.2023 : SIF Annual Report Released

The Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF) has released its 2022 Annual Report, detailing a year of significant advancements in sustainability research and collaboration. The annual report showcases a number of inspiring collaborations, cutting-edge research, and practical projects that truly embody the spirit of sustainability.


8.2.2023 : Annual Strategy Meeting

Join us for the Sustainable Institute and Forum's (SIF) Annual Strategy Meeting as we discuss the year ahead and review strategies and policies related to applications, grants, and structure. This is an opportunity to learn about the organization's direction and contribute to its future. Along with important discussions, there will be cake to celebrate our progress.

Don't miss this because your presence and input are critical to SIF's success. We are excited to see you there. We intend to stream the event as well. If you have not received an invitation please email us at 

Thin Lei Win, an award-winning multimedia journalist

8.2.2023 : Rebooting our food systems

You are invited to an amazing event occurring at RU that aligns with SIF's mission. Award-winning journalist Thin Lei Win will give a lecture at Reykjavik University on Feb 14th about the issues with our current food system, including environmental destruction, inequity, and negative health impacts. The food system is responsible for nearly a third of man-made emissions and a major cause of biodiversity loss, with a few corporations controlling much of the food chain and many food workers struggling to make a living. Over 3 billion people cannot afford healthy diets and some go hungry. The solution is to transform the food system to be greener, fairer, and healthier, but it will require a collective effort.

23.1.2023 : Life Cycle Assessment in Advanced Environmental Technology: A Visiting Lecture by Kaunas University of Technology

On January 26th, Reykjavik University will host a visiting lecture in M103 by Dainius Martuzevicius and Inga Stasiulaitiene from Kaunas University of Technology. They will discuss environmental performance of flue gas/polluted air treatment technology and applications of Life Cycle Assessment to support sustainability. The event is organized by Jónas Þór Snæbjörnsson and the Sustainable Institute and Forum (SIF).

Háskólinn í Reykjavík

10.11.2022 : SIF Lecture Series Returns - November 15

SIF's lecture series returns for the 2022 - 2023 school year on November 15th with a lunch and learn lecture. The lecture will feature SIF's three initially funded PhD Research Projects from 2021. Rachel Brophy, Albert Alonso, and Brandon Velasquez will provide 15 minute presentations on their research and what the future holds for it.  

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