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The objective of SIF is to foster research and education in sustainable development focusing on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this purpose, SIF will be inclusive and open to external ideas in order to account for the interdisciplinary nature of the SDGs.

At SIF, we support and engage in research activities that promote sustainable development across a variety of industry sectors. As a Reykjavik University research institution, we engage with both the School of Technology and the School of Social Sciences. 


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30.11.2021 : SIF Annual Report Released

The Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF) launched in earnest in January 2020. SIF signed on two major sponsors, Landsnet and Landsvirkjun, and it was decided that projects sponsored by Landsnet must relate to power systems research and development, while projects sponsored by Landsvirkjun must be sustainability-oriented. Over the past two years, 32.932.000 kr in funding has been awarded to over twenty unique and innovative research efforts. The annual report is provided within.

3.11.2021 : Cornell University and RU aim for sustainability collaboration

Representatives of Reykjavík University and Cornell University have signed a letter of intent (LOI) on co-operation in education and research related to sustainability, with an emphasis on sustainable energy. The LOI is based on Cornell's framework agreement with GRP Iceland on extensive co-operation in the field of sustainability, energy, innovation and climate, which has been in place since 2016, and was renewed on the same occasion.


26.4.2021 : Vísindamenn finna örplast í Vatnajökli

Örplastagnir í náttúrunni geta mögulega flýtt fyrir bráðnun jökla og haft þannig áhrif á hækkandi sjávarstöðu. Fyrstu niðurstöður rannsóknar á dreifingu örplasts í Vatnajökli, stærsta jökli í Evrópu, voru birtar nýlega í vísindaritinu Sustainability. Þar fundu vísindamenn Háskólans í Reykjavík, Háskólans í Gautaborg og Veðurstofu Íslands örplast í ísnum sem tekinn var á fáförnu svæði á ísbreiðunni.

2.12.2020 : The EU Green Deal and the Icelandic Climate Action

The Delegation of the European Union to Iceland, The Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, and The Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF) invite you to a special seminar on the EU Green Deal and the Icelandic Climate Action plan.

11.9.2020 : 1st SIF seminar on ongoing research projects

The Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF) invites you to the 1st sustainability seminar where SIF members presented the progress of ongoing research projects.

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