Study and Progress Rules

Progress in the BSc Full-Time Programme

Students progress to their second year of studies if they have completed at least 48 ECTS in the first year. Students must complete at least 90 ECTS and have finished all required 1st year courses before they start 3rd year study. Maximum time to complete a degree is two years on top of the standard length of programme.

Prerequisites for Courses

Prerequisites for individual courses are specified in the course catalogue on RU's Web site.

Maximum Number of Credits a Student Can Take

Students pursuing a BSc degree can register for a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester. Students can apply for an exemption to the Programme Administrator of the BSc programme, but such exemptions are only made if the respective student has an average grade of 7,5 or higher. The Academic Affairs Council evaluates each case on an individual basis.

Independent Study Courses

Students can apply to take an independent study course under the guidance of an instructor. This can be an adaptation of a general course which an instructor supervises or it can be work on a specialised research project under the guidance of a tenured instructor. Whether to grant or decline such a request is wholly the decision of the instructor in question. Instructors shall inform the Director of the study programme and the Programme Administrator about students they plan to instruct in independent study courses.

Rules on Exam Taking

Students can take each course two times and take the exams offered each time. To take a course means to have been registered in the course after the deadline for dropping the course has passed. If students do not pass a course the second time they take it, they are de-registered from the programme. They then need to apply for re-enrolment. If their application is approved, they only retain those courses for which their grade was 6,0 or higher. Students can not have assignments or exams evaluated between semesters.
Students in business administration must comply with the following RU regulations and sanctions with regards to method of work, study and examinations:


If students do not fulfil the School's requirements for progressing to the next year of studies, they must apply for re-enrolment. The Department of Business reserves the right to decline students who apply for re-enrolment. If students' request for re-enrolment is approved, they only retain those courses for which their grade was 6,0 or higher. The same applies to students who have left their studies and choose to start again. Applications for re-enrolment shall be in writing and shall be sent to the Programme Administrator of the BSc programme.

Leave from Studies

A leave from studies is only granted for special reasons, such as illness, child birth, or accident. The maximum time period of a leave from studies is one year. If students do not register for courses after their leave has come to an end, they are de-registered from the programme. Applications for a leave from studies shall be sent to the Programme Administrator of the study programme before the start date of the respective semester and valid reasons shall be specified for the request. If the reason for the leave is illness, a doctor's certificate must, for example, accompany the application. If an application is accepted, an agreement is made between the student and RU concerning the leave with clauses on study progress specified as needed.

General Clause on Expiry of Courses

Courses which students have passed without graduating expire in nine years.


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