Continuous and executive education

The Open University works with companies and organisations to customise solutions to their needs and workplace.

Management training and solutions in the field of continuing education

We make every effort to identify and understand the needs of business operations and our training programmes are for both managers and workplaces as a whole. Our custom solutions differ depending on business priorities and are delivered by experts from the School of Business at Reykjavik University and professionals working outside the University, as well in partnership with foreign partners and guest lecturers.

Collaborative and customised curriculum

The Open University has established a large number of courses in partnership with businesses and professional organisations with the aim of improving the performance and skills of employees in specific companies or industries. The material used in our courses derives from programmes at the University of Reykjavik and adapted to the needs of our customers.  

Standard short courses

In our selection of courses you can find our standard short courses that we believe are relevant to every work place. These courses aim to improve performance and the personal skills of the participants, especially in the areas of communication and organisation. Topics include time management, project management and negotiation.

Examples include:

  • Do you have a minute? Time management and organization
  • Communicating successfully: The role management
  • Appearance and expression
  • Setting Goals
  • Negotiation - Beginners course
  • Negotiation - continued
  • Teamwork
  • Train the Trainer

For more information please contact:

Helgi-Hedinsson-b-w Helgi Héðinsson

Director of Executive Education
Tel: 861 8513

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