Practical information

Before you come to Iceland and for the first few weeks of your stay, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, looking for accommodation and visas, obtaining your Icelandic ID number and registering for courses. Please read all of the sections in our practical information guide here below, it might save you some extra work later on.

Before coming to Iceland

Registering for courses

Registering for courses will happen automatically in your first semester. After that, you must register for courses yourself through Myschool, RU's internal student website. You can find information on course registration and de-registration deadlines listed on the academic calendar.


Campus Accommodation

For further information regarding our campus housing, please see "Student Housing."

Assistance with private finding accommodation

Students are in charge of arranging and securing their own private accommodation in Reykjavik. We strongly recommend you begin this process early as there is a lot of competition for student housing in Reykjavik, particularly before the autumn term. The International Exchange Office provides support and assistance with finding housing. Please be advised that the International Exchange Office puts forth information about housing options in Iceland to aid students in information gathering. All decisions regarding housing and possibly working during the student‘s time at Reykjavik University are the student‘s own decisions and are fully under his responsibility. 

Accommodation costs

Rental prices in Reykjavik, the capital city, are particularly high, with the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment from around 150,000 ISK (approx 1062 USD/ 1000 EUR) per month. 

Housing Deposit

Most landlords ask for a deposit that will be refunded when moving out if no damage has been done to the property. Always ask for a receipt for any payments made and never agree to transfer a deposit to a landlord's bank account outside of Iceland. 

Tenancy Agreements

Usually, the landlord completes a tenancy agreement between the landlord and the person renting. Some guest houses use a standard tenancy agreement from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Iceland. Before signing a tenancy agreement it is very important to read it through carefully. Reykjavik University cannot offer advice or assistance should any disputes arise regarding your agreement. Students are fully responsible for any contracts signed and are advised to familiarize themselves with the Icelandic housing law.  

Living costs

Iceland has a reputation of being quite expensive so it is beneficial to see an estimate of how much money you could expect to spend. It will always depend on each student's lifestyle.

After arriving in Iceland

Icelandic ID Number

It is essential for all students planning to study in Iceland for longer than six months to apply for an Icelandic identification number upon arrival. The word for the ID number is 'Kennitala' (abbreviated kt.) in Icelandic. The ID number is necessary if you want to register as a student, have a scholarship paid, open a bank account, and get a tax card, among other things.

During the Introduction day, you will be given guidance on how to apply for an Icelandic ID number.

Student web access

Once you have paid the registration fee, you will receive your RU username and password access to the internal student website, Canvas. This will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you used for your application. If you have not received your access within a week of paying your registration fee, please e-mail Canvas will be the online centre for your studies at RU. You can use Canvas to access information on: course schedules, content and reading lists, assignments, grades, class lists, important course updates and information. To access Canvas, visit, and when prompted, use your RU login details to access your account.

Campus access card

Reykjavik University students have 24-hour access to the building and study facilities. You will need to get a student access card in order to take advantage of this. 

Because of system changes, you will need to visit the reception to get a card. They will need a photo of you in order to create the card. Please allow at least 24 hours after submitting your photo until picking it up. 

You will need to have your kennitala (Icelandic social security number) to pick the card up.

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