Reykjavik University strives to give its students a solid understanding of innovation to encourage them into entrepreneurship and job creation in the future.

Within their first year of studies students at RU enter the business development course "Entrepreneurship and Starting New Ventures". Students are also encouraged to work on projects with industry that allows them to develop a better understanding of innovation processes and become future intra- and entrepreneurs. 

RU furthermore offers educational solutions to current and future entrepreneurs through its Open University and thereby strengthening the Icelandic entrepreneurial eco-system even further.

Targeted initiatives

RU engages in various events and collaborative projects with local stakeholders, both private and public, designed to develop entrepreneurial skills and to support co-innovation.


RU is an active partner in KLAK-Innovit - a local innovation centre. The centre assists new entrepreneurs in putting their business plans into practice with events, advice and various services. Along with Gulleggið (the Golden Egg), a competition for the best business concept, Innovit is also part of Startup Reykjavik.

Students at RU are offered free advice from KLAK-Innovit specialists for five years after they graduate and can also apply for office space free of charge.  

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