Student union

The RU Student Union is called Studentafelag in Icelandic, usually referred to as SFHR. In general terms, the role of the Student Union is to protect the interests of RU students. All students are automatically members of the Union and do not have to pay fees for their membership.

Student associations

Each department has its own student association:

  • Atlas – Dept. of Sports Science
  • Logretta – School of Law
  • Markadsrad -  School of Business
  • Mentes – Dept. of Psychology
  • Pragma – School of Science and Engineering
  • Tviund – School of Computer Science

Annual Ball Committee

This committee has the extensive task of organising the annual gala ball. This is the largest event of the school year where around 800 students meet to enjoy dinner, entertainment and dancing. There is also a video competition called the RU-Musical.


Birta is the student association for social responsibility and sustainability. Founded in 2015, the association´s goal is to be a non-political forum for the participation of students in social responsibility and sustainability ventures. Organisers aim to plan various events during the school year. In 2015, Birta organised the RU Mobility Week.

Association for Equality

The student association for equality was established this year. The association proclaims equality for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, health or religion. The association‘s board will set goals and develop its role further. They will also plan events within the school, for example, lectures and theme weeks that promote awareness among students. Already, the Association for Equality has planned the RU Equality Days.

Charity Committee

The charity committee was founded in 2014. The committee organises a charity week each year to raise awareness of a certain issue and/or give financial support.

Debate Society

The Debate Society (Malfundafelag) was established in 2013. The society has organised lectures and debates. The aim is to get speakers to educate students from all departments on current affairs.

Event Committee

The Committee oversees the organisation of events within RU and any cooperation between SFHR and other universities.

If you have questions about the Student Union, or wish to participate in some way, please send an e-mail to:

The office is on the 2nd floor in Mars (M205) and students are welcome to drop by.

The Student Union Facebook page is


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