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Sustainable development

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14.2.2018 : The New Era for Joint Operating Agreement

Christopher Mathews published an article on “Joint Operating Agreements: Understanding different interests and concerns in the wake of Reeder vs. Wood County Energy”

REYKJAVIK, 14 February - Christopher Mathews, PhD student at ISE and the School of Law at Reykjavik University, authored a published article on “Joint Operating Agreements: Understanding different interests and concerns in the wake of Reeder vs. Wood County Energy”, along with Reykjavik University’s adjunct professor Dr. Eduardo Pereira. The article was recently published in a special edition of MarIus, the journal of the University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.

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9.2.2018 : MSc Thesis: Waste Heat Recovery from Aluminum Production

Miao Yu successfully defends his master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, February 9 – At the end of last month, MSc of Sustainable Energy Engineering and dual-degree student from Tianjin University, Miao Yu successfully defended his master's thesis project on waste heat recovery from aluminum production. Throughout his work, Miao Yu was supervised by Dr. Guðrún Sævarsdóttir, Dr. María S. Guðjónsdóttir and Dr. Páll Valdimarsson from Reykjavik University, along with Dr. Jiansheng Wang from Tianjin University. Mr. Gestur Valgarðsson from EFLA engineering company was present as an examiner. The thesis work was funded by Alcoa Foundation.

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5.2.2018 : MSc Thesis: Study on Lumped Parameter Models for a Two-Phase Geothermal Reservoir with Their Multi-Objective Optimization

Zhen Qin successfully defends his master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, February 5 – Master's candidate of Sustainable Energy Engineering and dual-degree student from Tianjin University, Zhen Qin has just successfully delivered his master's thesis project on lumped parameter models for a two-phase geothermal reservoir with their multi-objective optimization. Throughout his work, Zhen Qin was supervised by Dr. María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir and Dr. Ágúst Valfells at Reykjavik University, along with Dr. Xinli Lu from Tianjin University. The defense was examined by Guðni Axelson from ÍSOR.

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25.1.2018 : MSc Thesis: Techno-economic Assessment of Using Alternative Energy Technologies at a Remote Mining Operation in the Yukon Territory, Canada

Brennan Cicierski successfully defends his master’s thesis

REYKJAVIK, January 25 - Master’s candidate of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Brennan Cicierski has successfully delivered his master’s thesis project on the techno-economic assessment of using alternative energy technologies at a remote mining operation in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Throughout his work, Brennan was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir and Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson from Reykjavik University, Erla Björk Þorgeirsdóttir from Okustofnun, along with Ali Maddish-Ghoreshi from the University of British Columbia.

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16.1.2018 : PhD Thesis: Real-Time Weather-Dependent Probabilistic Reliability Assessment of the Icelandic Power System

Samuel Perkin Successfully Defends His PhD Thesis

REYKJAVIK, January 15 - Last Friday, School of Science and Engineering PhD candidate, Samuel Perkin, successfully delivered his PhD thesis research project called GARPUR on developing probabilistic reliability criteria for Icelandic and multinational electrical grids. 

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6.1.2018 : Chelsea Cervantes visits Café Cocondo

ISE student Chelsea Cervantes sees firsthand the organic coffee production at Café Cocondo

REYKJAVIK, January 6 - While in Colombia to create a model for the geothermal area on Nevado del Ruiz, Chelsea Cervantes visits Café Cocondo, the only organic coffee farm in the region of Antioquia in Colombia. Owned and operated by the family that welcomed Chelsea into their home while doing her thesis work, Chelsea is invited to see their farm or "finca" firsthand. What Chelsea finds is an ecological paradise and an excellent model for sustainable agriculture and sustainable business.

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Lindsay Allen

Iceland has some of the best geothermal resources worldwide.


I had the opportunity to get involved with professionals from leading Icelandic companies.

Samuel Perkin

The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning is invaluable in an increasingly complex and connected world.

Máté Osvald

Mate Osvald

I am now well prepared to work in an international, multicultural environment.

Almar Barja

I had the unique opportunity to combine economics, technology, engineering and science into one comprehensive degree.

Carlos Atli

Iceland has to be one of the best places, if not the best, to study sustainable energy.

Lindsay Allen

The fieldwork, experienced teachers, and industry collaboration make ISE the perfect place to further my studies of geothermal energy.


Maria Carmela Marino

I am very pleased with the curriculum, freedom of research and academic quality of the program and love living in Iceland.

Carlos Atli Cordóva Geirdal

The one of the reasons I chose ISE, is Iceland's involvement and experience in the field of geothermal energy.


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