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Sustainable development

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30.3.2018 : Master Students and Alumnus Represented ISE in a Conference at the Icelandic National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun)

Master Students and Alumnus Attended the "Global Implementation of Geothermal Energy and the Role of Asian Development Bank" Conference Held by Orkustofnun

REYKJAVIK, March 28 - ISE students, Evelyn Gunawan, Nataly Castillo-Ruiz and Scherezade Martos, and ISE alumnus, Miao Yu represented the faculty at the “Global Implementation of Geothermal Energy and the Role of Asian Development Bank” conference held by the Icelandic National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun). Here, they shared their thoughts and experiences with us.

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23.3.2018 : Meet the Industry – 19 March 2018

Fontavis AG Investment Analyst and ISE Alumnus, Felix Michel met with ISE students and shared industry experience

REYKJAVIK, March 23 – This Monday, Fontavis AG representative and ISE alumnus Felix Michel visited Reykjavik University to speak with ISE students about his experience after graduation and his insight on the investment process, specifically in the renewable energy industry. Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Felix graduated earned his MSc in Sustainable Energy at ISE in 2017. For his master thesis, Felix researched on the impacts of integrating wind power in Iceland to the balance requirements in the Icelandic power grid, which landed him a job as an investment analyst at Fontavis AG. Read more

21.3.2018 : MSc Thesis: An Exploration of Critical Junctures for Public Participation in Multinational Final Nuclear Waste Disposal

Anja Kathrin Ruess successfully defends her master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, March 21 – Yesterday, MSc of Sustainable Energy Science student at ISE, Anja Kathrin Ruess successfully defended her master's thesis project on exploring the critical junctures for public participation in multinational cooperation in joint nuclear waste repository. Anja was supervised by Ágúst Vafells from Reykjavik University. Read more

9.3.2018 : Corentin Trimolé and Julien Perron Share Their Story on Coming to Iceland

INSA-Strasbourg Exchange Students Share Their Experience

REYKJAVIK, 9 March - Originally from France, Corentin Trimolé and Julien Perron are Master Candidates in HVAC and Energy Engineering at INSA-Strasbourg (National Institute of Applied Sciences). As a partial fulfilment of their degrees, the INSA-Strasbourg HVAC and Energy Engineering specialisation requires students to spend a semester abroad. INSA-Strasbourg has exchange agreement with Reykjavik University and according to Corentin and Julien, ISE is one of the most popular destinations among students. Currently in their final years, Corentin and Julien were the two students accepted at this competitive exchange program.

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5.3.2018 : ISE Student Participating in a Research Abroad Shares His Experience

Emmanuel Cabral Shares His Experience on Living in France and Working With Eurométropole de Strasbourg

REYKJAVIK, 5 March - Emmanuel Cabral is a second year Master's candidate in Sustainable Energy Engineering here at ISE. After completing his first year at ISE, Emman participated in an international exchange program at INSA-Strasbourg (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in France, where he conducts his master research project. 

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14.2.2018 : The New Era for Joint Operating Agreement

Christopher Mathews published an article on “Joint Operating Agreements: Understanding different interests and concerns in the wake of Reeder vs. Wood County Energy”

REYKJAVIK, 14 February - Christopher Mathews, PhD student at ISE and the School of Law at Reykjavik University, authored a published article on “Joint Operating Agreements: Understanding different interests and concerns in the wake of Reeder vs. Wood County Energy”, along with Reykjavik University’s adjunct professor Dr. Eduardo Pereira. The article was recently published in a special edition of MarIus, the journal of the University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.

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Lindsay Allen

Iceland has some of the best geothermal resources worldwide.


I had the opportunity to get involved with professionals from leading Icelandic companies.

Samuel Perkin

The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning is invaluable in an increasingly complex and connected world.

Máté Osvald

Mate Osvald

I am now well prepared to work in an international, multicultural environment.

Almar Barja

I had the unique opportunity to combine economics, technology, engineering and science into one comprehensive degree.

Carlos Atli

Iceland has to be one of the best places, if not the best, to study sustainable energy.

Lindsay Allen

The fieldwork, experienced teachers, and industry collaboration make ISE the perfect place to further my studies of geothermal energy.


Maria Carmela Marino

I am very pleased with the curriculum, freedom of research and academic quality of the program and love living in Iceland.

Carlos Atli Cordóva Geirdal

The one of the reasons I chose ISE, is Iceland's involvement and experience in the field of geothermal energy.


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Iceland meets virtually all of its electricity and heating needs from renewable resources and is a world leader in sustainable energy development.

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