Bridging the Gap between Classroom Learning and Real-world Sustainability at Mannvit

ISE Student Secures Internship with Mannvit: A Story of Initiative and Dedication


Diego_ISEDiego's story at Mannvit began with a guest lecture at ISE, delivered by Kristján Vilbergsson , an engineer at Mannvit and ISE alumnus from the entering class of 2019. During an Environmental Impact and Assessment course taught by David C. Finger , Kristján shared his insights on environmental engineering, which greatly intrigued Diego.

The Power of Initiative 

Not one to let a learning opportunity pass, Diego approached Kristján after the lecture. This interaction marked the start of several email exchanges, ultimately leading Diego to the doors of Mannvit as an intern.

Kristján was a mentor for Diego, given his own academic background and expertise in sustainable engineering. His thesis, titled "Comparative ecosystem analysis of hydrogen production from electrolysis in Austria and Iceland," conducted under the guidance of David C. Finger and Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson, was a testament to his commitment to the field.

From Classroom to Industry

Now working in the Department of Environmental Issues at Mannvit, Diego plays an important role in producing life cycle assessment reports. His work primarily focuses on supporting the development of more sustainable buildings, simultaneously improving existing infrastructures. This experience not only allows Diego to apply his classroom knowledge practically but also earns him credits toward his Masters degree.

Reflecting on his journey so far, Diego expresses his immense satisfaction with his time at Mannvit. He is keen on continuing his work with the company and has also opened discussions about undertaking his thesis project under their guidance.


Empowering Peers

Diego's story underscores the power of initiative, the value of academic-industry connection, and the importance of practical experience in shaping an inspiring career. His journey is a personal achievement and a beacon of inspiration to his peers at ISE, encouraging them to seize opportunities and turn academic theory into sustainable, real-world applications. As Diego progresses in his career, we at ISE could not be prouder and are excited to see what the future holds for him.


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