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Focused Excellence 

Reykjavik University (RU) is renowned for its specialized approach to higher education, emphasizing disciplines like engineering, computer science, business administration, psychology, sports science, and law. Our interdisciplinary ethos allows students to merge fields like business with computer science or engineering with computer science, positioning RU at the pinnacle of Icelandic research.

Academic Structure

RU's diverse academic offerings span undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels, housed within two primary schools:

 School of Technology

 School of Social Sciences

Global Recognition

In the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) global university rankings, Reykjavik University stands tall as Iceland's premier institution, securing a spot within the 301-350 bracket. Notably, RU's research impact outshines all, earning the top spot in the relative impact assessment.

Our Campus: A Blend of Design and Function 

The Sun at the Center


A view from "The Sun", a central, communal area that provides study areas, a café and shop.

Reykjavik University's campus is a testament to modern architectural brilliance, fostering a vibrant academic environment. The spacious, well-lit interiors are conducive to learning, collaboration, and innovation. With state-of-the-art classrooms, dedicated group workspaces, and 24/7 access to general facilities, students are equipped with everything they need for a holistic educational experience.

The building's design resonates with RU's interdisciplinary philosophy, promoting seamless communication across academic domains. The layout comprises various wings, interconnected through a central hub named 'Sun'. Each wing, named after celestial bodies from our solar system, reflects the university's expansive vision. In 2010, we expanded our premises, adding the Venus and Mars wings alongside the pedestrian pathway 'Earth'. Later that year, the Sun and Uranus sections were inaugurated.

Currently, the campus spans approximately 30,000 square meters, featuring over 50 versatile classrooms and research areas, ranging from intimate group spaces to expansive lecture halls accommodating up to 130 attendees.

Environmentally Conscious Campus

Reykjavik University's campus stands as a beacon of sustainable design in Iceland, meticulously crafted to offer an optimal working environment while minimizing energy consumption.

  • Automated Blinds and Windows: A weather station atop the university controls the blinds and windows, adjusting them based on wind direction and external temperature. This ensures that direct sunlight never hinders the students' focus.

  • Fresh Air, Naturally: The NAVENT system ventilates the building with fresh air continuously. CO2 monitors maintain optimal oxygen levels, while heaters ensure a comfortable temperature. During summers, the system expels warm air, replacing it with cooler, fresh air.

  • Smart Lighting: Every light in the university boasts its own IP address, controlled by an automated system. Light sensors and expansive windows ensure efficient lighting, enhancing the work ambiance.

  • Beach-and-Uni Experience: Our campus's unique location places it amidst Reykjavik's most cherishedBeach-and-uni outdoor spots. Adjacent to the geothermal Nautholsvik beach, students can indulge in a warm sea swim or unwind in the beachside hot tub. The neighboring Nauthóll restaurant, Reykjavik's first to earn the Nordic Environmental "Swan Certificate," offers eco-friendly dining. Students can also explore nearby footpaths, the adjacent forest, and visit the iconic Perlan, built atop the city's geothermal storage tanks.

Student Housing

Horft yfir Háskólagarða HR

New Reykjavik University students can apply for our modern student housing facilities on Nauthólsvegur. These apartments, in close proximity to the campus, offer a total of 252 rental units.

For detailed information on application procedures, rental rates, room options, and visuals, visit the Reykjavik University Student Housing page. The Student Housing Association, or Byggingafélag námsmanna, manages the application process.

Apply directly on the BN website.

Newly admitted students can register post their admission confirmation. For allocation rules and further details, visit the bn.is website.

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