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At the Iceland School of Energy, we are committed to supporting aspiring scholars in their pursuit of higher education. Recognizing the financial challenges that can accompany academic aspirations, ISE offers a selection of scholarships to help ease the path to graduate studies in sustainable energy. Additionally, we have compiled information on external scholarships to provide a resource for financial assistance. Explore the scholarships offered by ISE and discover external funding opportunities below to embark on your academic journey with confidence.

University Scholarships

Our graduate programs attract highly qualified applicants from around the world, many of whom seek financial assistance for their studies. When you are accepted into one of our programs, you are automatically considered for the following partial scholarships, as detailed below. There is no separate application process for these scholarships.

If you are awarded a scholarship from the university, it will be included in your acceptance packet. Please note that full scholarships are not available from Iceland School of Energy. These scholarships are typically awarded over four semesters, contingent upon maintaining good academic standing in accordance with the scholarship's rules.

Sustainable Futures Scholarship

Addressing the world's energy challenges requires experts who understand the complexities of sustainable energy. The Sustainable Futures Scholarship provides financial support to students who demonstrate potential, knowledge, and a commitment to shaping a sustainable future. Multiple scholarships are awarded annually, with varying award sizes.

Women in Energy Scholarship

Gender diversity in the energy sector is crucial. This scholarship supports talented female candidates by covering up to one-third of the total tuition for a master's program. In 2019, the IEA reported that women make up only 22% of the global energy labor force despite comprising 39% of the overall labor force. We are actively working towards gender equality in the energy industry, and since introducing this scholarship, female enrollment has increased from 34% to 48%.

Electric Power Innovation Scholarship

The Electric Power Innovation Scholarship is bestowed upon selected students in the Electric Power Engineering and Electric Power Management programs who not only exhibit robust technical skills but also demonstrate a high level of professionalism. We seek individuals who possess a genuine passion for leadership within the global electric power sector. This scholarship, aims to empower and support future leaders in shaping the electric power landscape.

Empowering Icelandic Energy Leaders Scholarship

Dedicated to aiding Icelandic students pursuing energy education at the Iceland School of Energy, bridging the tuition gap between traditional engineering programs. This scholarship is a cornerstone in nurturing Iceland's energy sector and securing its sustainable future. Recipients are chosen based on their potential, knowledge, and initiative in the field.

The GREEN Program Alumni Scholarship

For graduates of The GREEN Program, ISE offers four partial fee scholarships of up to $4,100 USD for our graduate programs. The scholarship program aims to attract outstanding graduates from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy. To be considered, applicants must mention their participation in The GREEN Program in their CV, personal statement, or elsewhere in their ISE application. All records are verified with The GREEN Program.

Scholarship Sources for US citizens

Fulbright Student Grants

Fulbright offers five full grants for US students, including a stipend for living expenses for nine months (the academic year), a $1,000 USD travel stipend, supplemental accident and sickness insurance coverage, and a baggage allowance payable at the end of the stay. These grants are available for all fields of study.

Leifur Eirkíksson Foundation Scholarships

The Leifur Eiríksson Foundation funds scholars who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents from U.S. universities for graduate research or study at universities in Iceland, and scholars who are Icelandic citizens or permanent residents from universities in Iceland to conduct graduate research or study at universities in the United States.

The American-Scandinavian Foundation

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers fellowships (up to $23,000) and grants (up to $5,000) to individuals to pursue research or study in one or more Scandinavian country for up to one year. The number of awards varies each year according to total funds available. Awards are made in all fields.

The Robert Kellogg Memorial Scholarship (University of Virginia)

The Robert Kellogg Memorial Scholarship funds one scholar or fellow annually from the University of Virginia for graduate research or study in Iceland, or an Icelander to conduct research or study at the University of Virginia. Work may be in any area including but not limited to the sciences, the humanities, the arts, history, or architecture. Recipients are chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Other Potential Scholarships

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