Iceland: A Renewable Energy Nation

Iceland's development from one of the poorest nations in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century to enjoying one of the highest standards of living in the world is intrinsically linked to the development of sustainable energy. 

A geothermal powerplant in IcelandGeothermal and hydro-energy is used for the generation of electricity and heating in Iceland. No other city has developed a district heating and electrical system using renewable energy resources on the scale of Reykjavik. Iceland even heats its swimming pools with geothermal water, which means Icelanders are able to enjoy outdoor swimming all year.  

Energy in Iceland

On a per capita basis, Iceland is ahead of any other nation in geothermal generating capacity and is a world leader in sustainable energy development. 

One result of this reliance on sustainable energy use is that Icelanders have amassed vast experience and knowledge of renewable energy and its implementation.

A premier energy nation 


Today, Iceland is only using a fraction of its economically and environmentally viable potential for electrical production from renewable resources. 

A wealth of knowledge

As part of the Iceland School of Energy experience, the curriculum includes several renewable energy site visits around the country, offering unprecedented insight into the development of the Icelandic energy sector. This give students a unique opportunity to study the entire value chain derived from Iceland's renewable energy resources.


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