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Constitutions – Poetry or Prose?

A dynamic talk on constitutional reform in light of the different purposes of constitutions. The speakers will approach the matter from original perspectives seldom presented in Iceland.

The short talks will end with answers to common question which are posed to the lectures being addressed, namely: “Poetry or Prose: What makes a constitution legitimate?“ At the end of the formal lectures there will be an interactive session with audience members and presenters. 

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IP Policies and technology management in universities and research institutions

Intellectual Property Policies and Technology Management in Universities and Research Institutions

Location: Room V102 at Reykjavik University. The seminar is open to the public. 

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Arctic High Seas

Building Common Interests in the Arctic Ocean

Thursday October 6th, 9am-12:00 pm GMT in Reykjavik University, Room V102

The objective of this event is to build common interests in the Arctic Ocean, considering drivers and risks of impacts in the Arctic High Seas from the perspectives of diverse stakeholders in an inclusive manner.

Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, former President of Iceland, will address the conference. 

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The RU MBA programme accredited by AMBA for the second time

The RU MBA programme has been awarded the AMBA accreditation, for the second time. AMBA (Association of MBAs) accredits MBA programmes around the world. The aim of AMBA is to increase the quality of postgraduate business education.

This is the second time the quality of the RU MBA is affirmed by the association. There are around 25 thousand MBA programmes taught world-wide but only 200 or so out of this great number has received the accreditation.

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