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Mobility Week


Henning Úlfarsson

A surprising bijection between permutations and polygons

Henning Arnór Úlfarsson draws complex math.

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Equality days

Equality days

Equality days' purpose is to connect and highlight the various angles of; diversity, privilege, the history of suppression, gender equality, power, and discrimination. These topics are open for discussion in order to increase understanding, visibility and stimulate momentum for the many individuals who take an active part in working towards equality.

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Samgönguvika í HR

Mobility Week Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd

The annual Reykjavík University Mobility Week will be held September 28th till October 2nd. Its goal is to minimise car usage and enable community responsibility.

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Metfjöldi nemenda við Íslenska orkuháskólann

Record number of students studying sustainable energy

A record fifty students are studying for their MSc in sustainable energy science/engineering at Iceland School of Energy, at Reykjavik University. The school has also welcomed over 200 students for short courses on renewable energy at the University this summer.

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