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Graduation Ceremony

This past Saturday the 14th of June, 507 students graduated from the University of Reykjavik.

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Metfjöldi umsókna

Reykjavik University receives record number of applications

A record high of 2,500 students have applied for Autumn 2014 admission to Reykjavik University. Applications jumped by 11.3% over last year. Applications to Iceland School of Energy tripled compared to 2013.

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Nýsköpunarkeppni grunnskólanemenda 2014

Innovation contest

Awards for the 23rd national primary school innovation contest were handed out on Sunday.

Eleven participants were awarded for their ideas out of 39 contestants who were selected for the finals.

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Nýsköpunartorg í HR

Innovation Day at Reykjavík University

The goal of the Innovation Day was to illustrate the buildup and success of the technical and software industries and to illustrate how sponsors, such as the Technological Development Fund, help to create a strong and positive image for companies in the field by creating awareness and highlighting innovation in various companies.

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Eldflaugin Mjölnir

Icelandic rocket launched

On Thursday the 15th of May a group of students from Reykjavik University successfully launched a rocket they had developed from Mýrdalssandur.  The project entitled "Mjölnir" was created as part of the courseT870-INTE  Integrated Project at Reykjavik University on the spring semester of 2014.

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Olaf Dossel

Using mathematics to treat the heart

The Health Technology Day was held at the University for the fourth year running this week. The topic of the day was the clinical use of mathematical  modelling for treatment of the heart. The Health Technology day is supported by the Medical Technology Association of Iceland, the University of Reykjavik and the National Hospital of Iceland.

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Stelpur og tækni

Girls in Technology

Close to one hundred 8th grade girls from five elementary schools in Iceland were invited by Reykjavik University and four technology companies to take part in the first "Girls and technology" day to be held in Iceland.

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The Negotiation Challenge í Reykjavík

RU hosts international negotiation competition

One of the most prestigious international negotiation competitions, the Negotiation Challenge (TNC), was held at Reykjavik University from the 11th to 12th of April.

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