August 14th, 2015

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We offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes, taught in our four schools: School of Business, School of Computer Science, School of Science and Engineering and School of Law.


Henning Úlfarsson

A surprising bijection between permutations and polygons

Henning Arnór Úlfarsson draws complex math.

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Metfjöldi nemenda við Íslenska orkuháskólann

Record number of students studying sustainable energy

A record fifty students are studying for their MSc in sustainable energy science/engineering at Iceland School of Energy, at Reykjavik University. The school has also welcomed over 200 students for short courses on renewable energy at the University this summer.

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Open University - Iceland School of Fisheries

Reykjavik University launches Iceland School of Fisheries

This semester, Reykjavik University is launching a series of executive training courses tailored to industry managers and executives in the fishing industry from around the world. Combining expert instructors, hands-on visits, and best practice case studies, the new Iceland School of Fisheries covers the latest developments in management, operations and sustainability within the fishing industry.

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Joint research project between Reykjavik University, Icelandic Meteorological Office and ISAVIA aims to enhance aviation safety in Iceland

Scientists at Reykjavik University, the Icelandic Meteorological Office and ISAVIA Ltd. the Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider have set up a joint research project to improve monitoring of weather phenomena in Iceland. The objective is to enhance airport safety at Keflavík airport, in particular in connection with potential volcanic eruptions in Iceland, by implementing the use of scanning Doppler Lidar observations as a part of the meteorological observational system.

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