Good coffee will make you feel at home

Studies at Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University:




Andrés Laverde graduated with a master's degree in Sustainable Energy from ISE (Iceland School of Energy) at Reykjavik University this May. Andrés comes from Bogotá in Colombia and graduated with a BSc in Geosciences from Los Andes University in Bogotá. During his studies, he grew a great interest in volcanology, energy, and sustainability and focused on research on volcanology and geothermal resources.

Andrés chose ISE due to his great passion for volcanoes and geothermal energy. He says that studying at ISE gave him a great opportunity to direct his path toward geothermal energy and, at the same time, expand his knowledge in sustainability and policy making.

I am very satisfied with what I learned during my studies at ISE, from everything related to geothermal topics to aspects of sustainability, policy, and economy. The contents of the lectures are relevant to the program, and receiving lectures from experts in the industry was truly useful. We were also brought on various fun trips to discover more about green energies and sustainability. What also really made my studies at ISE remarkable was being able to interact and make friends with people from all over the world and learn from them as well.


Once he graduated, Andrés started looking for job opportunities, both back home in Colombia, Iceland, and around Europe. In the process, he contacted a former professor at RU a few days after graduating, who invited him for a set of interviews for a position as a geothermal energy engineer at Arctic Green Energy. Once the interviews were completed, he thankfully got the job which involves assessing geothermal resources, modeling, and managing GIS data for the company portfolio.

I am learning a lot at my current job while also applying what I have learned from my studies both at ISE and my bachelor's degree. I have experience with most of the things I am working on now, but I am also learning day to day with the help of my colleagues and by myself, reading and figuring them out.

After being in Iceland for a little more than two years, Andrés already calls Iceland his second home and says he can picture himself living there in the future.

This entails many changes and efforts, including learning Icelandic, which is something I am working on. Also, being away from my family and friends is sometimes nostalgic, but since I am happy to be here, they are also happy for me. Of course, one of the most impactful aspects of Iceland in comparison to Colombia, and in general Latin America, is the weather, so be prepared for that. Nonetheless, what I found most interesting are the Icelandic culture and social habits. Icelanders are really caring, kind, and easy-going people, and it is a very peaceful and diversity-friendly society. The lifestyle in Iceland is going to differ from what you’re used to in Colombia in terms of daily activities, different languages, Icelandic outdoor experiences, and probably the food. However, the people you meet here are just as friendly and welcoming as Colombians, and the good coffee will make you feel at home.