With RU's graduate programmes, students have an opportunity to conduct research or prepare for a career through an innovative, applied learning approach. Graduate programmes are 90-120 ECTS and take 1,5-2 years of full time study to complete.

All departments offer graduate programmes taught in English.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Emphasis for Graduate Students

Do you want to take part in shaping the future? With the cross-disciplinary Emphasis on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, RU aims to help graduate students from all departments to develop their competencies to become active and effective innovators and entrepreneurs. 

More about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship emphasis

School of Business

        90 ECTS, language of instruction, English (MSc/MINN)NEW

        90 ECTS, language of instruction: English (MSc/MTHM)NEW

        90 ECTS, language of instruction, English (MSc/MBM)

School of Computer Science

School of Law

120 ECTS, language of instruction, Icelandic

School of Science and Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Financial & Management Engineering 

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Project Management

Iceland School of Energy

Sports Science


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