L-611 B.A. Thesis - 15 ECTS

BA Thesis 15 ECTS

The B.A. essay can be substituted for two electives.  The B.A. essay is an independent student project. The B.A. essay can be substituted for two electives.

Students should discuss legal problems or problems relating to legal issues as well as issues in other academic branches that are considered worth discussing at the time when the thesis is written.

The thesis should Involve the academic use of primary sources and derived sources as applicable in relation to the subject of the thesis. It should comply with the goals that the student has set for himself/herself before commencing the work and approved by the supervisor. The objectives shall be clear in the introduction to the thesis.

The handling of the subject shall be in such a manner that it is clear that at least 375-450 hours have been spent working on the thesis.The length of the thesis should be in the range of 12,500-15,000 words.

The Dean of the School of Law shall appoint an examiner, and the advisor and examiner shall jointly evaluate the student's thesis. If there are more than one advisor, they should jointly assess the thesis, in which case no examiner is needed.

As regards the above, further reference is made to the guidelines on B.A. essays and the School of Law procedures relating to examiners.

B.A. essays shall be submitted to the office of the School of Law before the assigned deadline. Students cannot withdraw their essays once they have been submitted.

Students who do not achieve the minimum required grade for their B.A. essay can choose between writing a new 15-credit essay or completing two electives. A second B.A. essay means that the student must write a new essay under another advisor. Students may apply for special approval by the Dean of the School of Law for an essay topic that will allow the student to make use of previous work on gathering sources. In such cases students must provide a separate account of the new/changed approach and/or use of the material. In addressing such a request the Dean of the School of Law shall consult with the advisor in question.

Attendance is required in a course on the preparation of theses at the start of the term and the presentation of essay topics in early April.


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