A global career, internship and trainee program portal

As a member of the EFMD network , Reykjavik University can offer students access to the new Highered portal.

This global talent portal comes as an addition to all other existing initiatives and resources you have access to at school. It is targeted towards international students looking for placements back at home and local students that want to explore an international experience.

As a part of the process of getting employed at a company you will need to undergo several interviews, assessments and test. It is important that you get to know yourself the way companies will look at you. Most large companies rely on online assessment test when they are considering new hires. We have taken this into consideration and teamed up with one of the largest global players in this field to give you the upper hand.

The online assessment test you will find in your career portal will provide you with a 17 page career report based on the test taken. The report will be for your personal use only and will not be shared with any school administration or companies. It is a tool to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

To access the portal you will need to activate your membership and then login. You can then find internships, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world. Go to: https://ru.higheredtalent.org

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