Strategic partnerships

Reykjavik University participates in numerous strategic partnerships with international influence on the development of university education.

RU's key partnerships include:

EUA - European University Association

The EUA is an association of European universities that represents higher education institutions across 47 countries. It is the largest and the most comprehensive organisation of its kind, representing 850 members with 17 million students enrolled. The association provides members with an important forum to follow the latest trends in higher education in Europe. Above all it offers members an opportunity to influence and shape policy and initiatives affecting higher education and research; primarily through its mandate in the Bologna process and contacts with the European Commission, Parliament and other key decision-makers.

University of the Arctic

RU is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) - a cooperative network of Arctic universities, colleges and other organizations. The network is dedicated to education, research and the promotion of indigenous and local capacities and sustainable development in the circumpolar North. It has over 130 member institutions and organizations in the eight Arctic countries and beyond. UArctic is one of the world's largest education and research networks.


RU is a member of NORDTEK - a network of Rectors and Deans in the technical universities of the Nordic countries. Membership of the network requires the university to offer educational programs in advanced engineering on the Masters level and PhD programs in the field of technical research. Current members represent 24 universities with more than 100,000 students, teachers and researchers.

Nordplus Law Network

The Nordplus Law network comprises 22 Nordic schools specializing in the field of law from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The overall goal of the network is to reinforce the academic cooperation between the members of the network through systematic exchange of cultural and professional experience and best practices, thus ensuring and strengthening Nordic solidarity and cultural understanding.

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