Dr. Kamilla Rún Jóhannsdóttir, chair of Department of Psychology

The need for psychologically educated people has never really been greater than it is today. There is an increasing demand for individuals who understand what shapes our behaviour and how we can change it, change behaviour and thinking and thereby improve people's quality of life and health in general,

Reykjavik University's Department of Psychology has the mission to create, disseminate and apply knowledge to enhance the competitiveness and quality of life for individuals, organisations and society, guided by good ethics, sustainability and responsibility. Combining outstanding teaching, research excellence, industry relations, great people and ambition. The student body consists of approximately 250 undergraduates and 80 graduate students. 

About RU Department of Psychology

Undergraduate, graduate, and PhD

Department Chair is Dr. Kamilla Rún Jóhannsdóttir

The Department of Psychology offers a BSc programme in Psychology, and MSc programmes in Clinical Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis. The main content of the MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis are courses that are verified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The Department also offers a PhD programme in Psychology.

  • Department Chair is Dr. Kamilla Rún Jóhannsdóttir

Boards and Councils

Department's chair 

The Chair is responsible for the academic and financial performance of the Department. In addition to being responsible for strategy formulation and implementation, as well as other matters detailed in the RU Charter, the Chair is responsible for quality assurance and internal and external reviews. The Chair has the final decision-making power in matters related to students' rights and responsibilities. The Department's chair of the Department of Psychology is appointed by the President of Reykjavik University following the recommendations of a selection committee. 

Department Committee

Provides a general forum for information dissemination and discussion concerning all areas of departmental activity, including teaching arrangements and management, study options, and curricula; developments in research; decisions and policy emanating from the diverse committees and councils of the Department, School, and University; academic and support positions, appointments, and promotions; and ongoing review of department goals and functions.

Department Council

The Department of Psychology Department Council consists of the Chair, chairs of research and Programme Councils, Programme Directors and other relevant members appointed by the Dean. The Department Council shall discuss all major matters concerning administration, teaching and research and shall approve of all amendments to rules and regulations within the department as well as proposals for new programmes or major programme revisions.

Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council acts as an advisory board on matters such as development of studies, learning outcomes for courses and study programs and reports to the Department Council. The Council is involved in the preparation, execution and follow-up of quality assessment.

Research Council

Considers matters and policy related to the conduct of scholarly research by students and faculty of the Department of Psychology. A main function is to oversee the operation of PhD studies in the Department. Decisions taken by the Psychology Research Council are in the form of recommendations to the Chair of the Department of Psychology.

Programme Director

The Programme Director for each programme within Department of Psychology is appointed by the Chair and is responsible for the daily management of the programme, its development and quality assurance as well as assigning teachers to courses. The Programme Director is a member and chair of the Programme Council.

Programme Council

The Programme Council for each programme within Department of Psychology consists of the Programme Director and two full-time faculty members appointed by the Chair. The Programme Council ensures the quality of the study programme and sets its policies. The Programme Council is responsible for student admissions, development of study material, course structure, final project arrangements and any irregular student issues that arise.

Quality Council

The Quality Council for each programme within Department of Psychology consists of the Programme Director, Programme Administrator, three student representatives from the programme (generally one from each study year). The Council is the forum of discussion and dialogue between students and programme management and a means to detect issues and irregularities at an early stage. The Quality Council meets every fortnight.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for each programme within Department of Psychology consists of four to five representatives from the business community in addition to the Programme Director. Increasingly, these representatives are also RU alumni. The purpose of the Board is to provide a dialogue between the business community and the programme management and discuss trends and developments and how they affect the preparation of students for employment. The Board meets one or two times each academic year.

Program Administrators

Ragna Margrét Brynjarsdóttir

Programme Administrator for BSc in Psyshology


Hildur Droplaug Pálsdóttir

Programme Administrator for Masters programs in Psychology

Faculty and staff


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