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Jeppi og könnunarfar sjást úti í íslenskri náttúru

At Reykjavik University's Department of Engineering, students and faculty come together to address the some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Through a strong foundation in classical techniques and methods of engineering, grounded in industry and international research, our students and researchers strive to solve modern-day challenges in a rigorous and collaborative setting. 

It's this environment that fosters our initiative and creativity. For these reasons, our university ranks the highest among all universities in Iceland, publishes the most citations, and attracts talent from over 50 countries worldwide.

Our Department hosts five undergraduate programmes and eleven graduate programmes where students can specialise in their area of interests. Our programmes are primarily industry oriented and frequently involve industry research projects, internships and under/graduate thesis projects.

We welcome you to visit any of our under/graduate programmes listed, including our specialised schools, the Iceland School of Energy, and our  Masters of Project Management.



Dr. Ágúst Valfells

Department of Engineering Chair

Phone: 599-6458
Email: av@ru.is

Sigrún Þorgeirsdóttir

Administrative Director

Phone: 599-6512
Email: sigrunth@ru.is

Further information about the Department of Engineering can be found by contacting the faculty members listed above or by sending an email to our office at vfd@ru.is.

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