Advancement in BA and BSc studies and transfer of credits

1st year requirements

Students must complete 42 ECTS before they can start 2nd year study.

2nd year requirements

Students must complete at least 90 ECTS and have finished all required 1st year courses before they can start 3rd year study.

Maximum time to complete a degree

Two years on top of the standard length of program is the maximum time to complete a degree.

Maximum leave from regular studies

Study leave is only granted for special reasons, e.g. illness, childbirth and accidents. Maximum one year in all programs.

Evaluation for transfer of credits - ECTS

Students need to apply for credit evaluation from previous studies using a special form and submit formal confirmations of previous studies. The relevant School‘s Curriculum Council is responsible for the evaluation of previous studies with consultation from schools' faculty.

Courses completed by student more than 9 years prior to being registered at RU cannot be transferred.

The grade must be 6.0 or higher (on the scale 0-10) in all courses that are transferred. However, if credits from completed RU degree are evaluated, the grade must be 5.0 or higher.

A student must spend at least 50% of his/her study time at RU.

It is possible to transfer up to 50%, if a previous study (program) is continuous and completely comparable study according to the School's Curriculum Council. If previous study (program) is not continuous, max number of transfer credits is 45 ECTS but 60 ECTS if credits come from a second major.

When evaluating credits from a completed degree the student must finish at least 90 ECTS in his/her degree at RU. However, it is possible to evaluate up to 120 ECTS from studies completed at RU, e.g. when studies are clearly defined as major or minor. Furthermore, in these cases the grade does not need to be 6.0 or higher. If the new degree involves a final project or a final thesis, the student must submit a new final project/thesis at RU.


Students can apply for exceptions from these rules to the relevant School's Curriculum Council.

Approved by RU Executive Committee on April 9, 2015.

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