Academic Teaching

Teaching Affairs oversees all information pertaining to students, for example, their course history, course registrations and withdrawals, and grade registration. Enrollment and graduation of students is also supervised by Teaching Affairs in addition to all matters regarding examinations. The Directorate of Examinations is composed of the Directors of Examinations and the Director of Teaching Affairs. Teaching Affairs supervises the preparation of timetables, ordering in groups, all registrations, enrollment and graduation, room designations, and teaching assessments. Students who wish to receive a transcript of their course history should send an e-mail to Student Registration, (each copy costs 300 ISK).

Graduation and Diploma Supplement

The period during which students can register for graduation in January is from October to November and the period during which students register for a June graduation is from January to March. Registration is completed online on the school's intranet. It is important for students to check whether they meet all the requirements for graduating before they register. 

Formal graduation ceremonies are held in January and June of each year. At their graduation, students receive a graduate certificate, two copies of their course history (in Icelandic and English with ranking) and a Diploma Supplement. The "Diploma Supplement is issued in a widely spoken European language (English), given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation". 

The Diploma Supplement is a description of the studies students have completed and it also contains a short description of the Icelandic higher education system and its structure. Students generally submit the Diploma Supplement when applying for admission to universities abroad.
Click here to view an example of a Diploma Supplement

Organisation of Studies – Timetable

Teaching at RU is conducted from 8:15 to 16:15 (lectures are 45 minutes long). In part-time studies, courses are taught after 16:15 until approximately 18:45. Other studies offered by the school are also taught after 16:15. Full-time students can expect to have some courses taught at hours outside those specified in general timetables. The timetable for each student can be found on RU's intranet under the heading, “Timetable”. Timetables are also available on the home pages of RU Schools.

Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Teaching Affairs is responsible for the organisation and use of classrooms/lecture halls.


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