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Welcome to the Reykjavik University (RU) International Office. We are responsible for the exchange programme, international admissions, developing international partnerships and providing pre-arrival and support services to all international students at RU.

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The International team at RU welcomes enquiries from both current and prospective students.

On campus? drop-in during our office hours

Please come to the main reception desk on the first floor and ask to see an international office representative. Office hours: Monday -Thursday 13:30-15:30. 

Or send us a line:

Guðlaug Matthildur

Guðlaug Jakobsdóttir

  • Director of the International Office
  • Outgoing Exchange

Verity Louise

Verity Louise Sharp

  • Incoming Exchange
  • International Admissions

Erasmus Policy Statement

Reykjavik University aims to improve the quality of lives within society, both locally and internationally, through international relationships and cooperation in education. We have been actively working on developing international partnerships to promote international education and training with our students and staff, enhance knowledge transfer opportunities and to expand our scope of influence internationally. 

At the heart of our approach to education is developing the university as a source and driver of innovation, and creating a learning environment conducive to developing entrepreneurial skills. We create these opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and technology through research, teaching, and ties with industry and our international partners. Reykjavík University has a wide range of bilateral and multilateral agreements worldwide on staff and student mobility and research collaboration. These agreements are the foundation of our student, teacher and staff exchange activities.


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