BSc Psychology

The BSc in Psychology is a diverse and challenging three-year programme. It provides students with a strong foundation in the basic fields of psychology as well as accommodating exciting interdisciplinary electives.




180 ECTS.


Language of instruction is generally Icelandic. Selected modules are available in English, please see the online course catalogue for language of instruction for each course. For more information about courses in English, please contact the programme administrator:

Phone: +354 599-6321


The RU International Office also provides information about study programmes for exchange students.


  • Based on international criteria
  • Organised according to the BPS (British Psychological Society) accreditation standards for the structure of undergraduate studies in psychology
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Latest teaching methods
  • Teachers are accomplished academics in their fields

Foundation courses and electives

The programme covers foundation courses in psychology, including biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, individual differences, social psychology, and research methods in psychology.

In addition, students can incorporate interdisciplinary electives in health psychology, occupational psychology, and artificial intelligence.

Teaching methods

The course incorporates diverse teaching and learning methods, including project work, laboratory-based activities, e-learning, problem-based learning, and peer-assisted learning, as well as service learning components and opportunities for civic engagement for course credit.

Innovation and starting new ventures

Reykjavik University's School of Business has developed a unique interdisciplinary course which is a requirement for all first-year students at RU. In three weeks during spring semester, students must develop a unique product, from idea to prototype to market. Students work in teams made up from all four academic schools.



This programme prepares graduates for careers as clinical, counselling, educational, or organisational psychologists. In order to be able to practice as a psychologists, students must complete a three year relevant BSc programme and a masters level specialist qualification. The master level study usually take two years to complete. RU offers a MSc programme in Clinical Psychology. Please note that the MSc programme is taught in Icelandic and English.

Other careers

If graduates choose not to pursue a specialist qualification, the BSc in Psychology is highly valued in various professional fields, including teaching, applied research, health promotion, prevention, journalism, marketing, business and industry, information technology, and civil service.


First year

 Autumn  Spring

Second year



Third year

Autumn                                Spring                                         



As a general rule, a matriculation examination or equivalent is a requirement. Other degrees are considered on an individual basis.


Good skills in both Icelandic and English are required. The same admission requirements apply to the full-time programme and the part-time programme. In order to apply for the full-time programme, students need to speak Icelandic. Students can however take courses in English through an exchange programme.

Contact us


Sara Katrín Farmer

Programme Administrator


Brynja Björk Magnúsdóttir

Programme Director

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