Research Council

The responsibility of Reykjavik University research council is to help build and maintain a strong research-oriented culture at the University through motivation and support, design of processes and the pursuit of funding opportunities. 

The council is composed of one representative from each academic department, in addition to a chairman appointed by the President of the University in consultation with the departments chairs. 

The research council formulates a research strategy and provides advice to the president, deans and chairs of departments for implementing the strategy. Further, the council provides the President of the University with advice on research matters which do not pertain to individual schools or departments. Departments proposals on the composition of review committees for academic hiring and promotions are sent to the council for comments.

RU Research Council:

  • Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir, chairman, Department of Computer Science

  • Margrét Vala Kristjánsdóttir, Department of Law (spring 2022)

  • Guðmundur Sigurðsson, Department of Law, vice-chairman (autumn 2022)
  • Þorlákur Karlsson, Department of Psychology (autumn 2022)

  • Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir, Department of Psychology (spring 2022)
  • Ewa L. Carlson, Department of Business Administration, vice-chairman (spring 2022)

  • Aldís Guðný Sigurðardóttir, Department of Business Administration (autumn 2022)
  • Baldur Þorgilsson, Department of Applied Engineering (spring 2022)

  • Ólafur Haralds Wallevik, Department of Applied Engineering (autumn 2022)
  • Erna Sif Arnardóttir, Department of Computer Science

  • Jónas Þór Snæbjörnsson, Department of Engineering

  • Jose Saarvedra, Department of Sport Science

  • Sigrún Þóra Sveinsdóttir, representing RU students

The secretary of the council is the director of Research Services, Dr. Kristján Kristjánsson.

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