Conduct in Open Work Areas, Study Rooms and Project Rooms

  1. Students should keep reading rooms and work spaces tidy.
  2. Eating is not permissible in reading rooms and at the library. Only beverages in closed containers are allowed.
  3. The consumption of food and beverages is allowed in open work spaces (open spaces such as halls). Students are reminded to use the trash bins to throw away any litter and leftovers.
  4. If students change the arrangement of tables and chairs in open work spaces, they should leave the area as it was when they arrived.
  5. Mobile phones should be set to “silent” wherever appropriate.
  6. Students are reminded that they can not reserve work spaces ahead of time. Still, students are allowed to leave work spaces/group work rooms temporarily. Concerning group project rooms, the rule applies that students should generally not spend more than two hours there. Groups have priorities to the project rooms.
  7. Please be considerate of those who clean the premises.

Responsible conduct is a prerequisite for students having access to the university 24 hours a day.

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