Rules for master level studies at RU

The following rules apply to all master level studies at RU [2]. See also RU study and examinations rules and the national qualification framework for higher education.

Each school shall set further rules on master level studies for their programs. They can include more stringent provisions and other aspects of the studies that are not covered by the university-wide rules for master level studies, such as criterias for knowledge, skills and competences in the different master level programs.

Deans may, in exceptional cases, grant exemptions from the university-wide rules for master level studies.

As far as the university-wide rules on master level studies cannot apply, special rules apply to joint and double master level degrees.

Admission requirements

Students must have completed a bachelor degree or other equivalent education at the bachelor level, in a discipline that is considered adequate preparation. Good academic performance  in previous studies is required. Schools shall set further rules on admission requirements, such as on minimum grade for admission.


Master level studies at RU are organised in accordance with the framework for higher education issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture as 3-4 semesters or 90-120 ECTS-credits.

Study period

The study period shall not exceed 6 semesters for 90 ECTS-credits programs and 8 semesters for 120 ECTS-credits programs. Emphasis is placed on full time studies, but the schools can allow part-time studies in accordance with special rules that they lay down, e.g. on maximum study period. If the study period exceeds the limits above, the student must apply for re-enrollment. Re-enrollment means that the student must apply for admission again. The schools can set rules on admission criteria and minimum grades for courses evaluated at re-enrollment.

Students must earn at least 50% of the credits required for their studies at RU.

Study leave

Study leave may be granted for special personal reasons, such as illness, childbirth or accidents. Maximum study leave is typically 1 year.  a study leave is not counted into the maximum duration of the study period according to these rules.

Evaluation of previous studies

Previous studies that the student has completed more than 9 years before enrollment into a master level program at RU cannot be evaluated as transferred credits in the master level program.

It is only permitted to evaluate courses and transfer credits from courses taken at the same education level and which have been completed with a grade that meets the requirements of the School for minimum grade (see Admission requirements above), which shall not be lower than 6.0 (on a scale of 0-10).

It is permitted to evaluate and transfer credits from previous studies up to 50% of the required credits for the master level degree at RU, given that the previous studies have been continuous and are comparable to the master level program at RU.

From a completed degree, up to 30 ECTS-credits can be evaluated and transferred to the master level studies at RU.

The Schools evaluate applications for transfer of credits from previous studies.

Minimum grades

Minimum grade in courses at the master level is 6.0. Master level students that are permitted to take courses at the bachelor level need to get a minimum of 6.0.

To complete a course, students need to get at least 6.0 in the final examination. If the final examination accounts for less than 20% of the final grade, or the course does not have a final exam, it shall be ensured that a grade of 6.0 is required in the appropriate parts of the course assessment, which test the students‘ individual contribution.

Master thesis/final project

A student who completes MA, ML eða MSc degree from RU shall have finished a research based thesis or final project of at least 30 ECTS-credits.


On exams and the right to undergo exams see RU general rules on study and examinations.

Approved by RU Curriculum Council 16.5.2012
Approved by RU Executive Committee 12.6.2012

[2] Master level studies are defined in the national qualification framework for higher education as:
Cycle 2.1, qualification at master level, 30-120 ECTS-credits. MBA is an example of a cycle 2.1 qualification at RU.

Cycle 2.2, master‘s degree, 90-120 ECTS-credits. MSc is an example of a cycle 2.2 degree at RU.

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