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Hrund Steingrímsdóttir

Administrative Director


Elín Helga Lárusdóttir

Programme Administrator for BSc programme in Business and Economics


Sigrún Ólafsdóttir

Programme Administrator for Masters programmes in Business


Iðunn Getz Jóhannsdóttir

Programme Administrator for Masters programmes 


Jóhanna Vernharðsdóttir

Programme Administrator for the MBA programme


Laufey Bjarnadóttir (on a leave)


Saga Ýr Kjartansdóttir (on a leave)

Final projects & Thesis 

Following are instructions on how to create a cover for a final project at RU. 

We recommend that you download the pdf document and edit it with Acrobat. If that is not possible and you must use the browser, note issues with Firefox. Please use Chrome or another browser.

Please contact the administration staff if any questions arise.

Please note that if students wish to have a printed version, the cover must be printed professionally and this document used: 

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