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As a general rule, university degrees in Iceland are completed in three stages. Most students complete a bachelor degree followed by a masters degree and then either become professionals in their chosen field or continue their academic career by pursuing a doctoral degree.

Course catalogue

To get the most detailed and up to date information about courses, we recommend using our online course catalogue. It shows all courses offered by the four academic departments and includes course descriptions, content, learning outcomes, assessment, faculty, language of instruction, and reading material.

Degrees and structure

Reykjavik University offers degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral level. There are many different types of degrees offered at each level. Undergraduate degrees are primarily taught in Icelandic, however there are some English courses available for visiting exchange students and those wishing to do some studies in English. Both master's degree programmes and doctoral degrees programmes are offered in English. 

RU has seven academic departments within two schools in which all teaching and research is carried out. 

Studying abroad

We highly recommend that students take advantage of our international exchange network during their studies. Students who choose to take a semester abroad continue to pay tuition fees to RU during the exchange. Read all about our exchange programme here.

Exchange students

Reykjavik University has agreements with 160 universities around the world. If RU does not have an exchange agreement with your university, you can apply as a Free Mover student and pay tuition fees directly to Reykjavik University.

Please note: Those interested in attending RU as an exchange student should contact their own university's exchange office first to be nominated.

Preliminary Studies 

Preliminary studies are available for students who need more preparation before beginning their university studies. 

Executive Education

RU also has an Open University offering executive education for professionals. These programmes are designed with the busy professional in mind.  

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