Research Projects

Traceability in the seafood industry, using blockchainSmart Contracts:

  • An IBM Hyperledger based blockchain platform for storing and verifying the origin of the fish and how it was handled from the moment it was caught to the consumers plate.
  • The platform will allow the consumers to view the state and the detail of the product at any point from the time it was caught.
  • The platform will increase traceability and trust between seller and consumer. Consumers can see whether all compliance regulations where fulfilled at any state of the supply chain, such as temperature, humidity and so on.

Verifiable digital certificates for educational institutions:
  • An IBM hyper ledger based blockchain platform for storing and verifying student certificates in a non-forgeable manner.
  • The platform will speed up the process for students and educational institutions and facilitate automatic verification of validity.
  • The platform will allow institutions to communicate with the platform where documents are stored in a Hyperledger IBM blockchain.

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