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Exchange programme for RU students

Current RU students have the opportunity to gain international experience by taking part of their studies abroad. Studying abroad can add value, making you a more employable "global graduate". Students who choose to take a semester abroad, at one of our partner universities, continue to pay tuition fees to RU during the exchange. 

Who can go on an exchange?

Most full-paying students at RU can go on an exchange. If you have any questions, the International Exchange Office can be of assistance.

There are two ways of finding a host university, either go to one of RU's partner universities or through our networks.

Partner Universities

Reykjavik University has exchange agreements with over 160 universities in over 30 countries. Most of our partners are in Europe within the Erasmus exchange network, but we also have a number of bilateral agreements with universities outside of Europe. You can search our partner schools database.

Within these agreements, students have the opportunity to take one or two semesters at one of our partner institutions and have the studies in the host school evaluated as part of their studies at RU. Agreements are usually made between departments at the corresponding school.


Reykjavik University is a member of several collaborative networks in the Nordic countries and in America. Under the Nordplus, RU, is a member of Norek, Nordlys, Nordplus and NORDTEK.

Read more about networks

Contact the International Exchange Office for more information.

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