Networks and internships


Nordplus for higher education has, among other things the aim of strengthening cooperation between schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordplus provides various grants and within NORDPLUS are various subnets. RU is a member of the following networks:

  • Norek for Business
  • NORDTEK for Science and Engineering
  • NORDPLUS LAW for Law
  • Nordlys for all departments

Grants for exchange studies or internships: stay 1 - 12 months. 600-660 € travel grant + 200-280 € a month.

Express grants - grants for short placements, for example, for participation in a course. Minimum stay is one week and the maximum stay is one month. €660 in travel grants + €70 supplement per week. These grants are ideal for summer schools in Scandinavia.

Applications for grants within NORDPLUS go through the International Exchange Office.


Erasmus grants can be obtained for three to twelve months for exchange studies at a partner institution in Europe, or for two to twelve months for an internship in Europe.

The amount of the grant depends on the destination, but is in the range of 450 to 550 € a month, students also receive a travel grant, in the range 275- € 1,100 depending on the destination.

Students must have completed 60 ECTS in the relevant department before leaving for Erasmus studies. First-year students can apply, provided they complete 60 ECTS before leaving.


Taking an internship during studies is becoming a more important factor in the learning process of students. Students are, in most cases, responsible for setting up an internship. It is good to consult with a teacher or staff within the department regarding the selection of an internship.

You can apply for an Erasmus grant to go on an internship in Europe for 2-12 months. Students at all levels of education may apply. Students who have previously been in the Erasmus exchange program can apply for funding for an internship.

Erasmus + internship after graduation

Offers students the opportunity to do an internship after graduation. This must be applied for before graduating. The internship must be completed within 12 months of the graduation day. The same rules apply for these grants as those awarded during exchange studies, but students are not granted credits for the internship, instead receive a certificate of training.

In order to find an internship there are a number of websites that can be referenced:

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