Rules on RU Research Fund

Article 1

Operation and role

The RU Research Fund operates according to the Decision of the RU Executive Committee on 11th of September 2018. The Research Fund seeks to further the goal of RU as an environment that facilitates excellence in research and strengthens the University´s reputation . 
The size of the fund determines the number of funded applications and a cut-off point.

The RU Executive Committee is responsible for and is in charge of the RU Research Fund. Operationally, RU Research Services is in charge of the application and the evaluation process of the fund.

Article 2

RU Research Fund Grant Board

The RU Research Fund Grant Board (RU RFGB), whose task is to review applications and make funding decisions, consists of two members of the staff of the RU Research Services and the Chair of the RU Research Council. 
Board members are responsible for identifying when circumstances exist that could create a conflict of interest for themselves. In the event of conflict of interest and subject to grounds for disqualification listed in the Administrative Procedures Act, No. 37/1993, board members must recuse themselves from assessment of applications and funding decisions. In this case, the RU Executive Committee appoints another person to take the place of the disqualified member of the board for the grant year in question.

Article 3


The first type of grant that will be available is:
  • Ph.D. Student Grant that covers proposals, including Project, Excellence and Doctoral Student proposals, to the Icelandic Research Fund (IRF), that did not receive funding for the specified grant year.
  • The RU Executive Committee may decide to add more grant categories at a later date.
  • The Ph.D. Student Grant size is equal to the regular IRF Doctoral Student Grant for one year. 
The possibility of a Ph.D. Student Grant being awarded for a second and third year depends on a renewed application being submitted to the IRF and confirmation of acceptable progress from the relevant School.

Article 4

Applicants and eligible applications

RU research faculty can apply for types of grants listed in Article 3.
An application must have been submitted to IRF - and received feedback, i.e. Expert Panel review and ranking of the application in question from the IRF, respectively.

Article 5

Time limits

Applications to RU Research Fund shall be submitted to the RU Research Services within two weeks of announcement of grants awarded by the IRF each grant year. As soon as the date of the deadline is known, information about the deadline and how to apply shall be sent out by e-mail to research faculty and the mailing list of the Ph.D. Student Association. The RU RFGB shall make its grant decision as quickly as possible and no later than two weeks after the submission deadline.

Article 6

Review of applications

RU RFGB decisions on Ph.D. Student Grants are based on awarded grades from the IRF assessment.

All applications ranked in category A by the IRF are automatically eligible and the grade awarded in the IRF assessment (A1, A2 etc.) determines the order of priority of applications.
When a cut-off is needed within the same IRF grade, the RU RFGB shall keep in mind gender balance, balance between the RU schools and number of already supported projects.

Article 7

Notifications, reasoning, complaints and publication

Should additional information be required or should the RU RFGB have new information, of which the applicant is not aware, the applicant shall be notified thereof.

Applicants are to be notified of the RU RFGB's decisions in e-mail.

An applicant who is not awarded a grant may ask for RU RFGB's reasoning for the ranking of eligible applications.

The decisions of the RU RFGB are final.

Information on grants awarded shall be published on the research portion of RU's external web site.

Interim provision

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 3, awards of RU Research Fund for the year 2018 shall be based on existing proposals from the IRF round of 2017 already ranked by the IRF as category A applications.

Rules approved at the RU Executive Committee‘s meeting 11th of September 2018
[1] The RU Research Strategy:
[2] The criteria there are „scientific value of the projects, the applicants´qualifications to caryy out the project, suitability of the research facilities, and the likelihood of the project resulting in measurable results and gains.“ See: The Icelandic Research Fund‘s Handbook, Rules of the Icelandic Research Fund for applicants, expert panels and external reviewers, Rannsóknasjóður 2019, 

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