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23.5.2023 : RU Negotiation Team Secures Impressive Third Place in Rome's Negotiation Challenge

RU Negotiation Team Secures Impressive Third Place in Rome's Negotiation Challenge

Congratulations to the RU negotiation team, consisting of Andri Baldvinsson, Soffía Ósk Kristinsdóttir, and Halldór Ægir Halldórsson, for securing an impressive third place in the Negotiation Challenge held in Rome. This accomplishment highlights their dedication, strategic thinking, and excellent negotiation skills.

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24.3.2023 : The EMBA class of 2023 visits MIT in Boston

The EMBA class of 2023 visits MIT in Boston

The visit to MIT will provide the EMBA class of 2023 with a valuable opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the business and technology world and to gain insights that will help them become more effective leaders and entrepreneurs.

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20.3.2023 : US Ambassador in Iceland, Carrin F. Patman, visited the EMBA students at RU

Aldís G. Sigurðardóttir EMBA Director with US Ambassador in Iceland, Carrin F. Patman

The visit by the US Ambassador to Iceland, Carrin F. Patman, to the EMBA students at RU is a great honour for the program and its students. Ambassador Patman is a respected leader in her field, with a wealth of experience in business, law, and public service. Her visit provided the students with an opportunity to learn from her insights and expertise and to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible leadership in today's global business environment.

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Jón Arnar Stefánsson, viðskiptastjóri í eignastýringu hjá Fossum

Jón Arnór Stefánsson

"The experience has both been challenging and fun, and the friendships I made during the programme will last a lifetime."
Jón Arnór Stefánsson, Asset Manager at Fossar Investment Bank, EMBA 2023 

Gissur Jónasson Executive Director at Íslandsbanki - EMBA 2024

Gissur Jónasson

"I'm now more confident in navigating complex challenges and driving organisational success"

Gissur Jónasson, Executive Director at Íslandsbanki - EMBA 2024 

Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir, Educational Director at Samtökin

Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir

"It was so much more than a business educational experience. It has been a leadership training and a journey of personal growth."
Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir, Educational Director at Samtökin - EMBA 2023

Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - MBA 2022- Freelance policy and management advisor and organizer of construction projects

Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir

"My MBA journey confirmed that whatever you do in life, people and communication are the key to well-being and success." 
Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - EMBA 2022

Thomas George Alfred Perks - Data Consultant - MBA 2023

Thomas George Alfred Perks

"The MBA program draws on the best Icelandic and International business teachers to give students a practical skill set for effective leadership." 
Thomas George Alfred Perks - EMBA 2023

Ásdís Arna Gottskálksdóttir COO at Parity Creative House - MBA 2022

Ásdís Arna Gottskálksdóttir

"The programme is tailored to manager's leadership training and has strengthened my leadership skills for the future.”
Ásdís Arna Gottskálksdóttir - EMBA 2022


Yuet Tan Lau

The knowledge I got from the program is very practical and it will help me to further develop my career. 
Yuet Tan Lau - EMBA 2023

Jökull Torfason Event Manager at the Iceland Symphony Orchestra - MBA 2022

Jökull Torfason

"I have acquired new skills, further developed my talents as a manager and forged lifelong friendships along the way.”
Jökull Torfason - EMBA 2022

Arnar Mar Snorrason, Director of Market Development, Sæplast - MBA 2022

Arnar Már Snorrason

“The MBA programme at RU has been a fantastic journey where I have challenged my personal strengths and weaknesses.”

Arnar Már Snorrason - EMBA 2022

Eva Jónsteinsdóttir MBA 2021

Eva Jósteinsdóttir

“The program has been a fantastic opportunity to learn from a diverse group of people." 
Eva Jósteinsdóttir - EMBA 2021

Dögg Hauksdóttir læknir og MBA 2021

Dögg Hauksdóttir

 “I was pleasantly surprised how much I still had to learn about team dynamics and development when I entered the MBA."
Dögg Hauksdóttir, obstetrician and gynecologist - MBA 2021

Brynjar Már Brynjólfsson - MBA 2021

Brynjar Már Brynjólfsson

“The MBA program has strengthened me as a person and as a future leader." 
Brynjar Már Brynjólfsson - EMBA 2021

Jón Magnús Kristjánsson

"The MBA programme at RU has exceeded all of my expectation. The quality of the teaching is exceptional." Jón Magnús Kristjánsson - EMBA 2020

Birna Helgadóttir

“We have had fantastic teachers who opened up our minds to new perspectives and ideas.”

Birna Helgadóttir - EMBA 2020


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MITx Final project & Boston trip

Student teams work with a selection of startups and apply an interdisciplinary venture design framework developed by the MIT DesignX innovation center at MIT.



RU Department of Business Administration has been a member of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) network since 2012.


AMBA Accreditation

The RU Executive MBA was the first Icelandic MBA programme to be awarded the AMBA accreditation in 2011. This means that the content of the RU Executive MBA programme is monitored and continually strengthened.

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