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Maður stendur fyrir miðju myndar með hópi fólks og ræðir við fólkið með handahreyfingum.

Exploring the World's Energy Landscape

In the middle of August, the Iceland School of Energy held a poster session at the conclusion of its Energy Field School.

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Moral Profit - Sustainability From A Global Perspective, an elective course at The Department of Business Administration

Moral Profit - Sustainability From A Global Perspective, an elective course at The Department of Business Administration

Reykjavik University would like to draw attention to the course "Moral Profit - Sustainability From A Global Perspective", an elective course at RU's Faculty of Business. As the title implies, the course deals with ethical profit and sustainability from an international perspective. The impact of sustainability on management and operations and the responsibility of individuals in that context will be examined. Emphasis is placed on positively discussing the issue of sustainability and looking at the opportunities that sustainability can lead to across borders. The teacher is Ólafur Reynir Guðmundsson, Harvard, IE Business School.

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RU students graduated from the University of Akureyri

Eight students graduated from the computer science department of Reykjavík University at the University of Akureyri last Saturday. The collaboration between the universities began in the fall of 2015, and fifty students have graduated since then, 55 with a BSc degree and four with a diploma in computer science.

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Nemandi situr á bekk á kaffihúsinu í Sólinni

Department of Psychology

Has a strong track record in research and its impact is global, as can be seen with the Youth in Europe project, focusing on substance abuse prevention. 

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Nemandi stendur upp við vegg í HR

Department of Sport Science

Areas of research are physical education, coaching techniques, and gender and sport, for example.

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Kona stendur við afgreiðsluborð í fyrirtæki

Department of Applied Engineering

Teachers integrate professional teamwork in courses and students complete a wide array of projects that they design, build, and test themselves. 

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Tveir nemar standa upp við glervegg í HR

Department of Business

Research areas include management, innovation, behaviour analysis and clinical psychology.

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Nemandi stendur upp við skápana í HR

Department of Computer Science

Research areas include AI, databases, natural language processing, user interfaces and theoretical computer science.

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Nemandi stendur fyrir utan HR

Department of Engineering

Research in renewable energy, biomedical engineering, project management and decision analysis, and more.

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Nemandi skoðar bók á bókasafni HR

Department of Law

Research areas include tort, international, and EU/EEA law, constitutional law and history, comparative constitutional law, and human rights law.  

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