Yfirlitsmynd af Reykjavík

Switching to e-cars will not suffice for Iceland to reach Paris agreement goals

These are among the findings of a new report written by Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson and Hlynur Stefánsson, among others.

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Maður gengur framhjá skápum á gangi í HR

RU awards 8 PhD student grants from a new Research Fund

Reykjavik University recently awarded more than 42 million ISK to 8 different PhD research projects. The funding is for a period of one year. The projects that received grants from the fund in 2018 are:

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Nemendur læra í Sólinni

A statement from the President of Reykjavik University

Given the extensive media coverage concerning an assistant professor who has recently left Reykjavik University, it should be stressed that University management can not discuss publicly matters concerning individual employees.

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Nemendur spjalla saman í skólastofu

RU hosts the 12th International Conference on Axiomatic Design

RU´s School of Science and Engineering will host the 12th International Conference on Axiomatic Design, October 9-12, 2018.

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Close collaboration with businesses, practical projects and internships give students a competitive advantage.

Research areas include management, innovation, behaviour analysis and clinical psychology.

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Computer Science

Students complete hands-on projects and are encouraged to innovate. 

Research areas include AI, databases, natural language processing, user interfaces and theoretical computer science.

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Science and Engineering

Students receive a strong academic foundation, and are encouraged to design, implement and operate. 

Research in renewable energy, biological engineering, project management and decision analysis, and more.

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Graduating outstanding lawyers capable of becoming leaders in their fields.

Research areas include tort, international, and EU/EEA law, constitutional law and history, comparative constitutional law, and human rights law.  

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