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Vitinn - Hugmyndasamkeppni fyrir háskólanemendur HR

Vitinn 2020 - The University Fisheries Challenge

During this three-day challenge, students work in teams to develop and put forward an idea for an actual Icelandic company in the Seafood Industry. Vitinn takes place over three days from Thursday to Saturday. 

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Nemendur eru hvattir til að fylgjast vel með veðrinu og veðurspá í dag og fara heim upp úr hádegi, sé þess kostur.

Students urged to keep an eye on the weather forecast today

We would like to encourage RU students to keep an eye on the weather and weather forecast today and leave school soon after lunch, if possible. There are a few exams today and as the forecast is now, they will not be postponed, but students living outside the capital area will be allowed to take the exams in their home area.

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