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MBA students to work with MITdesignX on their final projects

Students in the Reykjavik University Executive MBA will present their strategies for Icelandic start-up companies in front of a panel of experts at MIT in April.

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RU presents Althingi with a speech analytic software

Jón Guðnason, Associate Professor at RU´s Department of Engineering, delivered a speech analytic software to the Icelandic Parliament, Atlhingi, formally last Saturday on Icelandic Language Day.

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The first group to graduate from the 14-month programmes at RU´s Department of Business

A graduation ceremony for RU´s Department of Business masters graduates was held in RU recently. Dr. Ragnhildur Helgadóttir, Dean of Reykjavik University´s School of Social Sciences, handed the candidates their graduation diplomas and congratulated them on their achievement.

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María Óskarsdóttir

Can your mobile phone data be used for credit scoring?

Usually, when an individual wishes to buy a property and apply for a loan, the ususal process is to review bank statements, expenses and salary. However, there are around two billion people all over the world that do not have bank accounts and therefore no access to funding.

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