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Göngustígur fyrir utan Háskólann í Reykjavík

Nine vacancies for PhD students and postdocs in sleep research

The Sleep Revolution, an interdisciplinary research project lead by Reykjavík University, has advertised vacancies for seven doctoral students and two postdocs. The postdoc positions are in the field of computer science and engineering, while the positions of doctoral students is in the fields of computer science, engineering, psychology and sports science. Further information on individual positions can be found on RU's website. The application deadline is March 15.

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Mynd úr Jörðinni í HR

Agreement of collaboration signed between Reykjavik University and Icelandic Standards

Icelandic Standards (IST) and Reykjavík University (RU) have signed a co-operation agreement. According to the agreement, students can complete an internship with IST and RU students and teachers can now request free and temporary reading access to standards.

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Meðlimir keppnisliða HR

"The experience is unforgettable"

Students from Reykjavík University recently participated in two international business competitions: the Rotman Financial Competition in Canada and the BI Real-World Competition in Oslo.

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"I don´t get seasick myself!"

A group of students in their final year of BSc studies in Biomedical Engineering recently co-wrote a scientific article about their research that was published in the research journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. It is rare for undergraduate students to achieve such results in research.

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