PhD studies at Reykjavik University

PhDChoosing Reykjavik University to complete a PhD degree is an opportunity to conduct research in an outstanding academic environment. The University has committed to principles in line with EU policy on the working environment of its researchers.

RU offers PhD study in all four academic schools. For more information regarding specific PhD programmes and contact information, please refer to the school website specific to your programme of interest. 
There you will find more information about the PhD programmes and contact information.   

“The goal of my research is to automate the work of a mathematician. I have had the chance to collaborate with world-leading experts in my field, here at RU with my supervisor, professors at the University of Iceland, and researchers further afield in the US and New Zealand. It is this collaborative approach to research that I have most enjoyed about my time at RU. I have been impressed with the university hosting international conferences here in my field. I have also been given opportunities to go to conferences both in Iceland and abroad.”

Christian N. Bean
PhD student at RU´s School of Computer Science

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