BSc Sport Science

A varied and challenging programme that combines theoretical and practical studies. Students gain knowledge and skills to communicate in teaching, training, research and management. The focus is on sport and physical activity as an important part of health promotion.



180 ECTS.


Language of instruction is Icelandic.

Length of study

Three years, full time.

Graduates become professionals in education, training and management in sport, physical education and health awareness. Graduates also meet necessary requirements for graduate studies (120 ECTS MSc or MEd).


 1. year   
 Fall semester  Spring semester 
E-100-ATVD Research Work (1 ECTS)  
E-103-ANAT Anatomy (6 ECTS) E-201-PHYS Physiology (6 ECTS)
E-102-RANN Foundations Skills and Methods in 
Academic Work (6 ECTS)                                    
E-213-KINE Kinesiology (6 ECTS)                             
E-106-VGKE Applied Pedagogy E-206-HOKE Team sports and
pedagogy I
E-101-INNG The World of Sports: Introduction to
Sport Science (6 ECTS)
E-204-SFRE Swimming, first-aid and rescue (6 ECTS)

E-107-VGKE Applied Pedagogy for Individuals with Special Needs (3 week) (6 ECTS)

E-525-OUTR Outdoor Recreation (3 week) (6 ECTS)
 2. year   
Fall semester   Spring semester

E-402-NAER Nutrition and Health (6 ECTS) 

E-503-MEST Methodology and statistics II (6 ECTS)

E-614-IFEN Sports injuries, prevention and rehabilitation (6 ECTS)

E-202-MOPS Motor Learning and Development (6 ECTS)
E-207-HOKE Team sports and pedagogy II  (6 ECTS) E-511-SEPS Sports and Exercise Psychology

 E-313-MEST Methodology and statistics I (6 ECTS)

E-519-STIT Sports Management (3 week) (6 ECTS)
E-410-VERK Practicum I (3 week) (6 ECTS)
 3. year   
Fall semester  Spring semester 
E-512-PEME Physiological Tests (6 ECTS)E-314-LYDH Public Health (6 ECTS)            
Elective (6 ECTS)
Elective (6 ECTS)
Elective (6 ECTS)
E-699-THES Thesis (12 ECTS)
Elective (6 ECTS) Elective (6 ECTS)
E-302-THET Theory of training (3 week) (6 ECTS)

Possible Electives
Fall semester Spring semester
E-105-ECSC Effective coaching in strength and conditioning (6 ECTS)E-413-FLDA Gymnastics, School Gymnastics and Dance (6 ECTS)
E-107-DVSP Developing strength and power (6 ECTS)E-305-SPEV Athletics and event management (6 ECTS)
E-107-STES Strength and conditioning for groups with special needs (6 ECTS)E-410-VERK Practicum I (3 week) (6 ECTS)
E-519-SIHT Specialised sports- and health training (6 ECTS)E-525-OUTR Outdoor Recreation (3 week) (6 ECTS)
 E-205-SSEL Sports: Selected activities I: Volleyball (6 ECTS) T-562-EMG1 Electromyography I (6 ECTS)
 E-109-MIME Data processing (3 week) (6 ECTS) E-206-DESA Developing speed and agility (6 ECTS)
 E-510-VERK Practicum II (3 week) (6 ECTS) E-207-ENDU Þol- og úthaldsþjálfun (6 ECTS)
E-519-STIT Sports Management (3 week) (6 ECTS)E-604-SWIM Swimming II (6 ECTS)
  X-204-STOF Entrepreneurship and Starting New Ventures  (3 week) (6 ECTS)
  E-607-ELAT Elite Training (6 ECTS)

Students are allowed, with the approval of the Sport Science department, to take an elective course in the other Schools of RU.


Applicants need to have completed a matriculation examination or a comparable education. In evaluating applications, the department takes into account grades on matriculation examination (especially in Icelandic and mathematics), further education, work experience, management experience, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Applicants are therefore encouraged to include everything they feel may help their application. In particular, it is important that applicants state the reasons for their interest in the programme and what their future plans are. Official transcripts of upper secondary school diplomas must accompany applications.

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Ása Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir

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