Project work code of conduct

Rules on Examinations, Project Work and Honest Work Methods

Teachers explain the structure and weight of individual components in a written exam on the exam itself. Teachers also detail what support materials/devices students may use during exams.

Students must work out answers to term and final examinations alone. Students may neither provide to nor accept help from others, and all copying is forbidden.

RU heavily emphasises high-quality scholarly work and integrity in all conduct of its staff and students. Important aspects of high-quality scholarly work include respect for copyright and the full participation of all members in work groups.

To better clarify RU's expectations in this area, the University has created the following code of conduct for doing assignments.

a. Your Own Work

Reykjavik University requires that your projects be your original work. This means that the work you do is your own from beginning to end without assistance from others, and you never copy others' text or work and present it as your own. References shall always be cited and rules on working with references also apply to copying of a student's own work.

Each submitted project shall be unique. All reuse of projects, whether within a course, between courses, or between study programs, is not permitted, unless otherwise noted.

Teachers may make exceptions to the main rule that students may not work together on projects, but this will then be stated in writing in the project description. The same applies to the group assignments. Projects undertaken by a group must be completed from beginning to end by the group. The whole group is responsible for maintaining proper procedure.

b. Your contribution

RU requires that you, as a student, always put forth your best effort in group work and make sure that your contribution is comparable to that of other group members. Teachers may give different grades to individual group members when there is reason to believe that contributions differ considerably.

c. Individual and group projects

In individual projects the student is required to work on all parts of the project alone and without assistance. Group projects may allow for the division of tasks between the members, provided that the contribution of each member is comparable. The whole group, however, remains responsible for the entire project.

The penalty for violation of these rules ranges from the grade of 0 for the project, to 0 in the course, to a reprimand and even to suspension from further studies. See further information in the RU Code of Ethics.

Students taking an oral examination are not permitted to discuss or in any other way exchange information on its content while the examination is in progress. If a student is caught engaging in such behaviour, the matter shall be referred to the Dean of the School for a ruling, cf. Article 7 of these Rules.

Penalties for violating these rules fall under Article 7.3. Regarding the handling of such matters, see Chapter 7 of these rules.

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