Each year more than 3,000 students obtain new knowledge in business, technology and law at Reykjavik University. These students have a fresh perspective, a desire to use their newly aquired knowledge and to work on real projects with industry.

The most common way for students to work with industry is either through student projects or internship programs and to come up with innovative solutions within a strict time-frame.

This way students, companies and organisations alike can benefit from the latest knowledge and research from the university community and thereby support innovation processeses and new value creation.

Vitinn: The Fisheries Challenge

A competition for aspiring experts in environmental issues, marketing, software, technology and logistics to prove their capabilities and talent by developing solutions for the seafood industry. The event is organised in co-operation between Reykjavik University and Fisheries Iceland with the support of Icelandair and The US Embassy in Iceland.

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Companies that wish to benefit from the RU student talent pool are welcome to contact us for further dialogue: Margrét Þóroddsdóttir, Industry Relations:

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