Evaluation and Transfer of Credit from Previous University Study

Students can request that credits from uncompleted or completed study from other departments or universities be evaluated and transferred to a programme at RU. Work experience is not evaluated as being part of the course since it is expected that the student seeks out opportunities to increase their knowledge and base of experience during the course. At the request of the student, it is possible for the evaluation of previous credit before the commencement of the course; in any case the student is enrolled onto the course and is expected to send all required documentation regarding the subject of the module. Requests for the evaluation of previous study will be undertaken by the department's Curriculum Committee and will be presented to the next departmental meeting for information and assessment.

  1. Students who request the evaluation of previous study for the transfer of credit in courses must do so before the 1st of August for assessment before the autumn term and before the 1st of December before the spring term. Applications shall be made in writing and supported by all required documentation regarding the subject of the module that is being evaluated. Applications will be sent to the Programme Administrator.
  2. Applicants seeking transfer of credit from a previous university must do so using the special application form that is available at the RU office or on the RU homepage.
  3. In order for a module to be approved it is necessary that the subject and content of the module be comparable with the module that it is being evaluated against. Only modules completed at a university level will be considered for evaluation.
  4. It is the general requirement that the module being evaluated  have been completed within 9 years from the end of the module to the application that it be assessed. Furthermore, the applicant must demonstrate that the minimum grade requirements for completing the module be no less than 7.
  5. Generally, the evaluation of previous studies should not total more than 48 ECTS credits. In exceptional cases, when academic performance is outstanding then the maximum number of credits that can be transferred will total no more than 60 ECTS.
  6. Evaluation of prior study will not commence until a formal application has been registered and the confirmation fee been paid.
  7. Decisions as to whether previous study be accepted will be made by the department's Curriculum Committee.

Required Documents for Applications for Transfer of Credits

  • Application for the evaluation of previous study.
  • Copy of confirmation of the grade received from the respective university.
  • Course description from the respective university (taken from the year that the module was studied).
  • Supporting arguments from the student on why they consider that the module be evaluated.
  • When the module in question was studied overseas: the grading scale used, course requirements, and details of contact person so that RU can confirm the details of the course and grading system used.

When the evaluation of overseas study is undertaken, then it is necessary to use the criteria set out by the university in question in order to assess whether the student has satisfactorily completed the module. The academic record of the student in regards overseas study will be recorded as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with no grade being recorded and thus, not included in the calculation of the average grade for the student. All things being equal, it is not possible for the student to transfer credits to the BSc Psychology course if they have used those credits as part of the completion of a different university degree.

It is not possible to have part of a module evaluated. In order to have a module approved, it is first necessary to demonstrate that at least two thirds of the module is comparable to the module that it is replacing. If it is requested that a previously studied module be evaluated and replace an elective module in the students programme at RU.

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