Diploma in Applied Computing

120 ECTS - Full time or study with work

Language of instruction: Icelandic

Students can either complete the Applied Computing programme as full-time study or study with work.


The Department of Computer Science (SCS) collaborates actively with international universities and institutions, both in teaching and research. Moreover, SCS collaborates with the local industry, e.g. in the form of final projects. Thus, students from our programme are well prepared for careers or for graduate study.

Computer scientists can choose from various career options as their field overlaps with a range of other subjects, such as mathematics, psychology, engineering, bioinformatics, business administration, etc. Computer scientists are therefore likely to work with specialists from a variety of different fields.




To complete a Diploma in Applied Computing, students must complete 120 ECTS, of which 90 ECTS are from mandatory courses. Each course is 6 ECTS, except the final project which is 12 ECTS

Two options

There are two ways to study for the diploma in Applied Computing. One is to complete the programme in two years, full time. The other option is to complete it part-time, watch the lectures online and come to RU for  exercise classes in the evenings (this is called "study with work").  

Final projects

Final projects of students are collaborations with companies or research centers within the RU School of Computer Science. The emphasis in the final project is connected to the student´s focus in the programme. Final projects are mandatory within these courses: Diploma in Applied Computing, Bachelor in Computer Science, Bachelor in Discrete Math and Computer Science and Bachelor in Software Engineering.   


Applicants need to have completed a matriculation examination or a comparable education. In evaluating applications, the factors looked at are: grades on matriculation examination (especially in Icelandic and mathematics), further education, work experience, management experience, and participation in extracurricular activities. Applicants are therefore encouraged to include everything they feel may help their application. In particular, it is important that applicants state the reasons for their interest in the programme and what their future plans are. Official transcripts of upper secondary school diplomas must accompany applications.


If you have any questions or want to obtain more information about studies at the department of Computer Science at Reykjavik University please contact:

Ásta Hreinsdóttir

S. Ásta Hreinsdóttir

Programme Administrator

s: 599-6503



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