Conduct in Classrooms

  1. Students and employees should keep the classrooms tidy.
  2. Eating is not permissible in classrooms. Only beverages in closed containers are allowed.
  3. If you change the arrangement of tables and chairs, then make sure to leave the room as it was when you arrived.
  4. Instructors should wipe the whiteboard at the end of classes, and log out if they have been using the computer.
  5. Students and instructors are asked to turn off any equipment that was used in class (as appropriate).
  6. Keep mobile phones turned off.
  7. Students are only allowed to use laptops to take notes, perform calculations, and work on other course-related assignments. All internet use not related to classes is strictly forbidden.
  8. Please be considerate of those who clean the classrooms. Please do not leave any trash in classrooms, it should be put at all times in trash bins.
  9. Emergency exits in class rooms should only be used in an emergency and not as conventional exit doors.

Responsible conduct is a prerequisite for students having access to the university 24 hours a day.

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