Application process

Full-time students

Before you apply

Are you qualified?

Make sure you meet the general university admission requirements, and individual programme requirements for your programme.


Follow the guidelines, fill in the online application form before the application deadline.

Please note that all applications require supporting materials to be submitted along with the completed application form. Incomplete applications will not be assessed. Reykjavik University accepts scanned documents initially, for admission assessment, which can be uploaded to the application form, but original copies must be submitted to receive an unconditional offer. You do not need to supply original transcripts until specifically requested. For assistance with applying, please contact

Supporting documents

  • Official university transcript/s

You should submit a detailed record of your higher education up to the present, including programmes of study taken and grades achieved. If you have not yet completed your undergraduate degree, you should provide an official interim transcript detailing grades achieved to date.

  • English language test score certificate (non-native speakers only).

You should upload a scanned copy of the original English language test certificate. If you do not have test results at the time of applying, you should submit your application without these scores and send them to us separately once available.

  • Language test waiver

The requirement to provide English proficiency scores may be waived in cases where you have successfully completed, or are currently completing, a full-time degree-level course of a minimum of nine months at a recognised institution where the medium of instruction and assessment is entirely in English. If you wish to apply for a waiver of the English language test requirement, you will need to upload a letter with your application outlining the reasons why you should be exempted.

  •  CV/résumé
  • Scanned copy of passport

Only a scanned copy of the main page of your passport (the page with the photo) is required. If you do not have a passport, then provide a scanned copy of your national identity card or equivalent document in your country.

  • Two references
    You should select two referees who can provide an informed view of your academic or professional ability and suitability for your chosen programme of study
    Please note that we are not able to accept references uploaded to this online application form.

Please ask each referee to send their reference on institutional or professional letter-headed paper in a sealed envelope to the following address: 

  • Reykjavik University
  • International Admissions
  • Menntavegur 1
  • Reykjavik, 101
  • Iceland

Your referee can also submit their reference to us via email to  

Waiting for an offer


You may be invited for an interview before a decision is made. Students outside of Iceland are offered interviews via Skype or telephone. 


If your application is successful, we will send you:

  • An offer of a place in a programme
  • An invoice for fee payments
  • Information about visa requirements

Accepting an offer from Reykjavik University

Confirming your offer

To accept the offer from Reykjavik University, you must pay the registration fee before the stated deadline.

Methods of payment

Registration and tuition fees can only be paid by bank transfer to the Reykjavik University bank account.

When RU receives your payment, you will be issued an electronic confirmation of enrolment. 

Apply for your visa

Please check our page for visa and residence permits to determine what if any, permits or visas you will need to apply for. Ensure you begin the visa process early, as visa applications can take up to six months.

Join us

In the months preceding the start of your studies, we will send you your pre-arrival information and a list of accommodations available in Reykjavik. Our team at the International Office will assist you with any worries before you leave and provide information regarding moving to and living in Iceland.

You will receive your RU intranet login details two weeks before the term begins. This unique login will give you access to timetables, teaching materials, and course information for your studies at RU.

Contact us

For further information, contact

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