Progress Rules for the School of Law

Progress of B.A. Studies in General

Students should complete 30 credits per term, or 60 credits per year, assuming a normal progress of studies. Students may register for the second year in the School of Law if they have completed at least 48 credits of the course material of the first year with a minimum average grade of 6 or higher. In order to begin studies in the third year students must have completed at least 96 credits in the first and second year with a minimum average grade of 6 or higher. Students shall have completed a minimum of 90 credits at the School of Law at the latest two years after the last registration for the first year. Students shall have completed a minimum of 126 credits three years after the last registration for the first year. Students shall have completed their B.A. degree at the latest four years after the last registration for the first year.

The Academic Affairs Council can in exceptional circumstances grant an exemption from the general rules on progress of studies. Such an exception will be granted only in the event of valid medical reasons and justification. An application shall accompany the student‘s study plan, which the Academic Affairs Committee must approve and may subject to special conditions, e.g. regarding the organisation and progress of studies. The Council may request that a student submit a medical testimonial from a doctor or other documents needed to evaluate the application. The Application must be received by the School of Law at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the term.

Performance evaluation and grades

Performance evaluation and grading in B.A. studies are subject to the RU Rules on examinations and grades. The minimum grade in core subjects, electives and B.A. theses is therefore 5.0. The minimum grade in methodology (course L-101), however, is 6. In subjects where a final examination (whether oral or written) forms part of the performance evaluation, other study components should only be assessed as part of the final grade if a student has achieved a specified minimum grade on the final exam, which should account for a minimum of 20% of the final grade for the course. If a student does not achieve the minimum grade in the final examination the student cannot benefit from any grades received for any other study components, even if the student repeats the course later.


If a student does not meet the above minimum requirements regarding progress of studies, the student's rights to further studies at the School shall lapse. However, a student may apply for re-enrolment in the School. Since permission for re-enrolment constitutes a waiver of the minimum requirements for progress of studies, the condition is established that the student's record of studies must bear witness to unequivocal learning abilities or unequivocal improvements in their studies, and their minimum average grade must be 6 or higher. If such permission is granted, the student may, at his or her request, retain the courses/credits completed with a grade of 6 or higher. Permission for re-enrolment will only be granted once in the course of studies.

Leave of absense

Students may apply to the Academic Affairs Council for permission to suspend studies. The request shall be supported by adequate documentation showing sound reasons for the request. Reasons that may justify suspension of studies include childbirth or illness. Permission for suspension of studies may be granted conditionally. The maximum period of suspension of studies is 1 year. The maximum time of study pursuant to these rules will be extended for a time corresponding to the suspension of studies..


The of may grant further exemptions from the rules on study progress if there are valid reasons for granting such exemptions in the opinion of the School. In the carrying out of that review, the opinion of representatives of students at RU School of Law must be sought.

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