Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Graduate study emphasis across departments

Do you want to take part in shaping the future?

With the cross-disciplinary Emphasis on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, RU aims to assist students developing their skills to navigate and become active and effective agents in a continuously changing environment.

Courses are research-based and practically oriented. They address the most critical aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, including creative or alternative approaches to challenges; product development; leadership and finance. A graduate student finishing the required amount of credits (usually 30/22,5 ECTS) in this field will be able to graduate with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, aside his/her major.


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Why teach innovation?

It can be argued that we are witness to the largest social changes in modern history. These changes are driven by extensive technical developments (e.g. in communication, artificial intelligence and virtual reality) and international business. At the same time, we are face new global challenges (e.g. environmental and climate changes, and population growth and climate changes).

On the horizon are developments that will revolutionise the job market, the economy, and personal lives. Accordingly, future jobs and careers are, to a large extent, not known as they do not yet exist. Thus, it is not enough to prepare for currently defined roles. Instead university graduates, whether they want to start their own business or as employees of established organisations, need to be open to change and work with it as a source of new opportunities for those willing and able to recognize them, take initiative, inspire others and collaborate with likeminded people.

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Hallur Þór Sigurðarson

Assistant Professor, RU Department of Business Administration



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