Practical Information

Accommodation in Reykjavik

There are many hotels in and around Reykjavik, please note, booking rooms in Reykjavik can be difficult due to the large number of visitors to Iceland, we highly recommend booking your hotel room as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Participants are responsible for the reservation and payment of their accommodation. Below is a list of hotels located conveniently for the university, but please feel free to explore other options.

Distance from University 
Approx cost per night
Bus Hostel Reykjavik 
 1,6 km
From 14,000 ISK -
Hótel Natura 800m
From 20,000 ISK 
Hlemmur Square 2,2 km
From 22,000 ISK
City Center Hotel 3,1km
From 15,000 ISK
 Hótel Hilda 2,9 km
From 19,000 ISK
 Reykjavik Hostel Village 2,2 km
From 11,000 ISK
 Kex Hostel 3,1 km
From 19,000 ISK
 Hotel Fron
 3,3 km
 From 15,000 ISK
 Reykjavik Lights Hotel
 4,8 km
 From 10,000 ISK

Getting to Reykjavik

When you arrive in Iceland you will land at the International airport in Keflavik, which is approximately a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik. Iceland has no train services, so you can either take the bus, a taxi or rent a car to get to the city. A taxi can be picked up outside the main arrivals lounge.

By Bus

The Flybus is operated in connection with all arriving and departing flights at Keflavik airport. Buses depart 35-40 minutes after each flight arrival and are located right outside the terminal. Tickets can be purchased on-line, or at the Flybus desk in the arrivals lounge. A return ticket from the airport to Reykjavik costs 3500 ISK, FlyBus also offers a Hotel Drop off and Pick up service, a return ticket with hotel drop off and pick up costs 4500 ISK.

Reykjavik University: Getting to the campus

RU campus

Set in one of the most beautiful areas of Reykjavik, right next to Iceland's only geothermal beach, our campus can be reached by bus, road or by one of the many beautiful walking paths that lead to the university. Why not explore our campus and the surrounding area before you get here.

By bus

The Reykjavik bus company, Straeto, operates the number 8 bus that serves the RU. The University is marked Nauthólsvík - HR and the bus stops at the main bus BSÍ, where connecting buses can be picked up.

The cost per ride is 460 ISK. You will need to have the exact change on entering the bus. If you are taking more than one bus, please ensure you ask for a ticket, which entitles you to ride the buses for the next hour.

By car 

There is free parking at the University except in zones A1- A3, which costs 120 ISK per hour from 08:00-16:00 on working days.  

By foot or bike

There are exceptional walking and cycling paths to the university, which take you along the forest or coastal paths.


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