Programme Structure

The PhD programme at the School of Computer Science is designed to be both flexible and diverse. It is divided into three phases. 

  • In the first phase, students must ensure a broad background in Computer Science as a whole, and in their research area in particular (see breadth requirements here below).
  • In the next phase, students must prepare and defend a proposal for a research plan (thesis proposal defense), that will create the new knowledge and extend the state-of-the-art in that area. This is typically done within one year of entry.
  •  The last phase then consists of following that research plan, and writing and defending the Ph.D. thesis.

Students in the programme are expected to take part in knowledge dissemination activities by engaging in e.g. teaching, seminars and by publishing.

The programme is structured such that it (typically) takes 3-4 years to finish. Students must finish 180 ECTS to graduate. 

Breadth requirements

All students must demonstrate a sufficient breadth of knowledge, both in computer science and in their chosen area of research. This is achieved through coursework requirements and a demonstration of research area knowledge during the thesis proposal defense.

The coursework requirements are as follows:

  • Each student must pass (or have passed) the course “T-701-REM4 Research Methodology” or equivalent.
  • Each student must pass (or have passed) a graduate courses (at least 6 ECTS) from each of the following three major areas of Computer Science: Systems, Applications, and Theory.


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