Why Reykjavik University?

Study at Reykjavik University

A strong focus

Reykjavik University's (RU) subjects in research and teaching are science and engineering, computer science, business, and law. The University has a modern, interdisciplinary approach and offers programmes that, for example, cross business with computer science and computer science with engineering. RU is at the forefront of research in Iceland in its focus areas.

Our way of teaching

RU emphasises hands-on learning that prepares students for the challenges they will meet after graduation. This means working with other students completing actual, real world assignments and projects, often in collaboration with companies and institutions. This is one way in which students benefit from RU's extensive connection to industry. Classes are kept small to encourage interactions between students and teachers.  

Reykjavik University at sunset, looking over Nautholsvik bay

Small equals good

The number of students at RU is approximately 3500 and all teaching takes place under one roof, creating a friendly sense of community. International students at RU have mentioned the friendly atmosphere as one of the University's great advantages. Our campus is easily accessible from the centre of the city.

Studying at Reykjavik University

More reasons why you should study at Reykjavik University

  • RU is a vibrant, student centered, international university with nearly 200 partner schools. We have an international faculty, stemming from 23 different countries, and students originating from all over the world. 
  • RU is a member of the international CDIO university network.
  • Individual study programmes in the School of Business are accredited by AMBA and EPAS and at the School of Computer Science by EQUANIE.
  • RU's researchers have received grants from the European Research Council, other European research grants, and awards such as the Kurzweil award for research excellence in the field of artificial intelligence.

About Reykjavik and Iceland

  • Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and has around 120.000 inhabitants.
  • English is spoken by nearly everyone.
  • It's a green economy: All energy for heat and electricity comes from renewable resources.
  • The country is ranked number one on the Global Peace Index.

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