Undergraduate degrees are 180 ECTS and take a minimum of three years of full-time study to complete. All undergraduate degrees are taught in Icelandic. However, there are a few modules offered in English for visiting exchange students.


The School of Business offers two undergraduate programmes, BSc in Business Administration and BSc in Psychology. In order to apply for full-time programme, students need to speak Icelandic. Students can however take courses in both programmes through the Reykjavik University exchange programme.

Computer Science

The School of Computer Science offers undergraduate programmes in Computer Science. All our undergraduate programmes are taught in Icelandic only.


180 ECTS, language of instruction: Icelandic

Science and Engineering

The School of Science and Engineering offers both 3 year BSc degrees in Engineering and 3 1/2 year BSc degrees in Applied Engineering, a 3 year BSc degree in Sport Science, as well as diploma studies in Technology. All our undergraduate programmes are taught in Icelandic.

  • Engineering BSc (180 ECTS)
    BSc Mechatronics Engineering
    BSc Mechanical Engineering
    BSc Biomedical Engineering
    BSc Financial Engineering
    BSc Engineering Management

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