Scholarships for students

Please note that these scholarships are only for full-time students.

Graduate students

Undergraduate students

  • Dean's List, for students who achieve the best results in each examination period have a chance to be on the Dean's List and have their tuition fees for the next semester waived.


Hvatasjóður educational fund is a cooperation between by Reykjavik University and Landsbankinn in Iceland. The aim is to secure equality for high school graduates students who hold a another first language than Icelandic to study at undergraduate level at Reykjavik University. 

Applications shall be sent to, marked Hvatasjóður.

The following documents must be included with the application:

  • – Introduction letter (maximum 500 words)
  • – Recommendation letter from a teacher or career and guidance counsellors
  • – Overview of academic career

Application deadline is until 10th of May 2023. 

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