Visa Information

Visa and health insurance information

Whether you will need to apply for a visa to come to Iceland, depends on your citizenship and the length of your intended stay. It is very important that you read the following information carefully to understand what, if any, actions you must take before entering Iceland for your studies. The International Office provides information and assistance with applying for visas if you have any questions.

EU/EEA/ citizens

For stays of less than six months:

Citizens of EEA countries and Switzerland intending to stay for less than six months do not need a residence permit. You can choose to register with the national registry if you would like to receive a social security number (Kennitala).

You may want to do this if:

  • You would like to open an Icelandic bank account
  • You plan to work in Iceland.

The International Office will assist you with applying for a social security number once you have arrived in Iceland if you need one.

For stays of more than six months:

Students who are planning to stay longer than six months will have to apply for an extension of residence during their stay in the country.  During the orientation day you will be given guidance on registering and receiving you KT and how to apply for an extension. Please remember to bring your passport with you on the orientation day. EU and EEA citizens do not need special work permit, only residence permit.

Health insurance
Students from EU/EEA countries should bring the European Health Insurance card with them. This must be presented on any visits to health care facilities and will allow you to receive access to health care at the same cost as Icelanders.

Non EU/EEA citizens

For stays of less than three months:

Some nationals from outside the EU and EEA are exempt from the obligation to carry a visa on arrival in Iceland for a stay of up to three months. (please note this length of stay includes another time spent in Schengen countries in the last six months).

For information on how to apply,  please click here.

For stays of three months and longer:

Non-EEA/EFTA citizens planning to study in Iceland for over three months must apply for a student residence permit. This is done through the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.

Health Insurance

Health insurance Applicants must have valid medical insurance for the first six months in Iceland, after which the applicant will be covered under the Icelandic health national insurance. 

  • The minimum coverage must be ISK 2,000,000 
  • Health insurance must be purchased from a company that is licensed to operate in Iceland. The name of your insurance company needs to be 100% correct on the list. If you are unsure, you can send an email to the Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland at  
  • Health Insurance policies can be purchased from Icelandic insurance companies starting from around 12,000 ISK for six months. They may be considerably cheaper than buying insurance in your home country. 
  • Icelandic health insurance companies:,,,

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